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Tomohisa Yamashita earned the "Best Supporting Actor" award in 2000 for his performance in IWGP.
The theme song of the show is "Realize" by melody. and the insert song "Colorful" by Tomohisa Yamashita.
He was motivated to send in his application to the talent agency Johnny & Associates by his admiration toward Tomohisa Yamashita after watching the drama Kurosagi.
The series was adapted as an 11-episode TV drama that was aired on TBS from 14 April 2006 to 23 June 2006. On March 8, 2008, "Kurosagi" with Tomohisa Yamashita starring as the Black Swindler once again, was released.
It was also adapted into a live-action film starring popular actor/singer Tomohisa Yamashita as Yabuki Joe and Yūsuke Iseya as Rikiishi. The movie premiered in Japan on February 11, 2011.
The official theme song is "Taiyō no Namida (太陽のナミダ)". It is performed by NEWS, a 6-member band. Tomohisa Yamashita, who also plays the lead role, is in the band.
Summer Nude is a 2013 Japanese television series that aired on Fuji Television on Mondays at 21:00 (JST) from July 8 to September 16, 2013. It starred Tomohisa Yamashita, Erika Toda and Karina Nose.
Kururugi Yuni (Nana Komatsu) is a high school prodigy who has a difficult time expressing herself. And whilst having top grades in all her subjects, she isn't doing so well in English and so her English class teacher, Haruka Sakurai (Tomohisa Yamashita) gives her temporary private one on one English lessons.
They released their only single on August 30, 2006, entitled Fever to Future. This single included a solo from Tomohisa Yamashita and a duet by Golf & Mike. The single sold 299,996 copies, making it the 25th best-selling single of the year.
"Doctor Helicoptor" candidate Kōsaku Aizawa (Tomohisa Yamashita) does his best in the medical care spot. This season begins with a mother and son on a bicycle who crashes into a motorcycle. The boys falls into a river and doctor Kousaku Aizawa jumps into the cold river to save the boy.
The theme song is "Seishun Amigo" by Shūji to Akira, a special group consisting of KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi and NewS' Tomohisa Yamashita, named after their drama counterparts. The song topped the Oricon charts in 2005, selling over 1 million copies and climbing to the top as the most successful single of the year.
In 2014, Kawatani composed songs for musicians outside of his two bands for the first time, when he gave the boyband SMAP two songs for their album "Mr. S". Kawatani worked with the band again in 2015, on their single "Ai ga Tomaru made wa", and has also worked with Tomohisa Yamashita, and the girl group Team Syachihoko on their single "Shampoo Hat" (2014).
Notable among the cast are Tokio lead singer Tomoya Nagase, film star Ken Watanabe, and future stars Koyuki, Satoshi Tsumabuki, and Tomohisa Yamashita of Johnny's Jimusho idol group NEWS. The series is also credited for bringing up the profile of actor Yosuke Kubozuka.
As a Johnny's Jr., Kusano had also been in other Jr. subgroups including J2000, J-support, and K.K.Kity, before he was selected as one of the nine members to debut as NEWS in 2003 along with Tomohisa Yamashita, Takahisa Masuda, Shigeaki Kato, Yuya Tegoshi, Ryo Nishikido, Keiichiro Koyama, Hiroki Uchi and Takahiro Moriuchi.
Aside from acting in films, Inoue has been chosen to represent Mizuho Bank and Chocola BB Eisai series, NTT fleet West and Asahi Breweries's Asahi Direct Shot. Regarding Asahi Beer Direct shot, Inoue Mao is collaborating with Tomohisa Yamashita. She also appears on the covers of various magazines, such as "Bomb, Steady, Weekly Shonen", among others.
For the album, Amuro wanted to create a dance/song music video with a male artist. While appearing on a music show in Summer 2010 to promote her single "Break It/Get Myself Back," Johnny & Associates idol Tomohisa Yamashita was featured on the same program, and Amuro was impressed with his performance of "One in a Million," which inspired the idea for the collaboration.
The song was used in an advertising commercial campaign for Recochoku digital media store during the album's release, much like "Goodbye Happiness" before it. Later in February 2011, the song was used as the theme song for the film adaptation of the manga "Tomorrow's Joe", starring Tomohisa Yamashita.
"Show Me Love (Not a Dream)" was released as a digital download a week before the album's release. It will be used as the theme song for the Tomohisa Yamashita starring film adaptation of the manga "Tomorrow's Joe", to be released on February 11, 2011. Much like "Goodbye Happiness," the song was used in commercials for Recochoku.
"Hadashi no Mirai" was used as the campaign song for Coca-Cola and is evident on the cover art design for the limited edition. "Kotoba yori Taisetsu na Mono" was used as the theme song for the drama "Stand Up!!" starring Arashi member Kazunari Ninomiya, NEWS member Tomohisa Yamashita, Anne Suzuki, Hiroki Narimiya and Shun Oguri.
In 2005, Aragaki took up a role in the TBS drama, Dragon Zakura, starring alongside Japanese idols like Tomohisa Yamashita and Masami Nagasawa. This marked a breakthrough in her acting career. Since then, she has been cast in many other dramas, like My Boss, My Hero and Gal Circle. She also starred in the 2007 tragic love story movie hit Koizora, for which she won her first award, the Nikkan Sports Film Award for Best Newcomer. Currently, she has 5 newcomer awards.