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koshi_inaba              kyosuke_himuro              sugizo              boøwy              akiko_yano              eikichi_yazawa              nanase_aikawa              toshinobu_kubota              monkey_majik              hotei              puffy_amiyumi              angela_aki              tamio_okuda              akira_takasaki              tatsuya_ueda              gackt              masaharu_fukuyama              kishidan              malice_mizer              miyavi              ringo_sheena              jin_akanishi              hideaki_tokunaga              shonen_knife              anna_tsuchiya              eizo_sakamoto              masayoshi_yamazaki              kahimi_karie              galneryus              ken_hirai              quruli              flower_travellin_band              tak_matsumoto              mm_parabellum_bullet              kaela_kimura              kazumasa_oda              buck_tick              kome_kome_club              shikao_suga              masaaki_endoh              tatsuro_yamashita              babymetal              yukihiro_takahashi              denki_groove              seikima_ii              glay              kinki_kids              hironobu_kageyama              porno_graffitti              yumi_matsutoya             

Examples of "tomoyasu_hotei"
07. バンビーノ (Bambino) / Tomoyasu Hotei featuring Miho Moribayashi for TRAPNEST
Shinji is a fan of Boøwy, B'z, and Tomoyasu Hotei.
The song was covered by Tomoyasu Hotei on the 1999 hide tribute album "Tribute Spirits".
"Grace" is a song by the Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica, featuring Tomoyasu Hotei on guitar.
Mori wrote the script for the 2012 rock opera "Psychedelic Pain" after being convinced to do so by his friend Tomoyasu Hotei, who served as musical director.
The album features contributions from Alison Mosshart of the Kills and Dead Weather, German musician Herbert Grönemeyer, The Big Pink member Robbie Furze and Japanese guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei.
The title track is a theme song of the Nippon Television family drama series "Akumu-chan" starring Keiko Kitagawa. The song is composed and arranged by Tomoyasu Hotei.
Tomoyasu Hotei has been married twice. He married singer Kumiko Yamashita in January 1986; they divorced in November 1997. He is currently married to Miki Imai, a singer and actress. They have a daughter.
In 2000, she released her single, "One Way Drive", featuring guitar work and production by Tomoyasu Hotei, who also co-wrote the song with Esumi. She wrote a children's book in 2005.
The music in the game was composed by Hideki Okugawa. Japanese musician Tomoyasu Hotei contributed to the game with the theme "Russian Roulette" which is used as the game's alternate intro theme.
The theme song for "Akumu-chan" is by Momoiro Clover Z. This song is the title track for this idol group's 9th single, and it was released in Japan on 21 November 2012. This single was produced by Tomoyasu Hotei.
Björk – Asian Dub Foundation – Beck – Ian Brown – Iggy Pop – Primal Scream – The Prodigy – Ben Folds Five – Korn – Garbage – Elvis Costello – Blankey Jet City – Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Sonic Youth – Goldie – Tomoyasu Hotei – Shonen Knife and more.
Rock musician Tomoyasu Hotei, who plays Tochino Masatatsu, wrote the soundtrack to the film. Its title piece would be reworked and retitled "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" and go on to become a hit both in Japan and internationally. The film was followed by "New Battles Without Honor and Humanity/Murder", or "Another Battle/Conspiracy", directed by Hajime Hashimoto in 2003.
The film's first promotional images of the cast were released on April 9. The first teaser for the film was released online on April 25, 2014, while the full trailer was uploaded on June 25. The full trailer features the theme song, "Trick Attack -Theme of Lupin the Third", which was written and performed by Tomoyasu Hotei.
The album's English version will include collaboration with Elvis Costello on "Love Again" (renamed as "Turn the World Down"), Spanish version collaboration with Alejandro Sanz on "Fatti Di Sogni" (renamed as "Hechos de sueños"), while on Japanese version guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei played on "Ti Voglio Sposare".
"Gessekai" (月世界) (English: "Moon World") is the fifteenth single released by the Japanese rock band Buck Tick, released on May 13, 1998. The song "Gessekai" was used as opening theme of the anime "". Track three is a remix of "Muchi no Namida" from "Sexy Stream Liner" done by Tomoyasu Hotei.
Boøwy (pronounced: bóui, stylized as BOØWY) was a Japanese rock band formed in Takasaki, Gunma in 1981. The best-known lineup of Kyosuke Himuro (vocals), Tomoyasu Hotei (guitar), Tsunematsu Matsui (bass) and Makoto Takahashi (drums) reached legendary status in Japan during the 1980s.
On December 18, Infinite released the music video their new Japanese single, "Dilemma", composed by renowned Japanese musician and guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei. The single was subsequently released on December 24 and used as the centerpiece of their upcoming "Dilemma Tour" in Japan in early 2015.
Worlds Collide is the sixth studio album from Finnish metal band Apocalyptica, released on 14 September 2007. It includes special guests Till Lindemann, Corey Taylor, Adam Gontier, Dave Lombardo, Tomoyasu Hotei, and Cristina Scabbia. For the US release, a new recording of "I Don't Care" and a new mix of "I'm Not Jesus" replaced the original versions.
On June 14, 2007, Machida got into an argument with his friend and rock musician Tomoyasu Hotei about a band they planned on forming together. There was a physical altercation and after learning that his injuries would take two weeks to heal, Machida filed a police report on June 18. Hotei was ordered to pay a fine of 300,000 yen on October 1.