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Examples of "toolchain"
Available RISC-V software tools include a GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) toolchain (with GDB, the debugger), an LLVM toolchain, a simulator ("Spike") and a standard simulator QEMU.
The eSi-RISC toolchain is based on combination of a port of the GNU toolchain and the Eclipse IDE. This includes:
The "gc" toolchain has been self-hosting since version 1.5.
In December 2015, at 32C3, a toolchain consisting of "Yosys" (Verilog synthesis frontend), "Arachne-pnr" (place and route and bitstream generation), and "icepack" (plain text-to-binary bitstream conversion) tools was presented by Clifford Wolf, one of the two developers (along with Mathias Lasser) of the toolchain. The toolchain is notable for being one of, if not the only, fully open-source toolchains for FPGA development. At the same December 2015 presentation, Wolf also demonstrated a RISC-V SoC design built using the open-source toolchain and running on an iCE40 "HX8K" device. As of April 2016, the toolchain supports iCE40 "LP1K", "LP4K", "LP8K", and "HX" devices.
The OpenRISC community have ported the GNU toolchain to OpenRISC to support development in C and C++. Using this toolchain the newlib, uClibc, musl (as of release 1.1.4) and glibc libraries have been ported to the processor. Dynalith provides OpenIDEA, a graphical development environment based on this toolchain. A project to port LLVM to the OpenRISC 1000 architecture started in early 2012 (project page).
Most command-line applications that were written to be compiled with the GNU Toolchain can be ported to SkyOS with little or no modification. Several large applications, including Apache, GCC, Samba, CUPS, and Bash have been ported using the Toolchain.
The GNU toolchain is a broad collection of programming tools produced by the GNU Project. These tools form a toolchain (a suite of tools used in a serial manner) used for developing software applications and operating systems.
NXTGCC is a GCC toolchain for programming the NXT firmware in C.
$ export PATH=/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin:$PATH
Mirah is mostly a pluggable compiler toolchain. The main elements of the chain are:
DSLinux is compiled using a GCC-based cross-compilation toolchain for ARM processors.
NXTGCC is a GCC toolchain for programming the NXT firmware in C.
Toolame-DAB: Integration with the open-source Digital Audio Broadcasting toolchain ODR-mmbTools :
Nvidia is also using an Open64 fork to optimize code in its CUDA toolchain.
The Optimizing Oberon-2 Compiler compiles to C, using the gcc toolchain for program generation.
The toolchain for eSi-RISC is based upon the industry standard GNU toolchain, which includes an optimizing C and C++ compiler, assembler, linker, debugger, simulator and binary utilities. All these tools can be driven by the customizable Eclipse IDE. The debugger can connect to the target CPU either via JTAG or a serial interface. Complete C and C++ libraries are supplied. The toolchain is available for both Windows and Linux hosts.
Radeon Settings replaced the old AMD Catalyst Control Center. AMD Catalyst Control Center uses Qt as part of its toolchain.
In July 2016 the Linux kernel project decided to transition from DocBook based documentation to reStructuredText and the Sphinx toolchain.
For compatibility reasons, the C library implementation is partially POSIX-compliant. The toolchain allows porting of various third-party libraries.
To build kernel from the source code; first you need to download gcc toolchain from the same repository.