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amai              sakana              soshite              jibun              ikite              otona              aishiteru              danshi              kanashii              yureru              koibito              shiranai              mieru              ikenai              yozora              seinaru              dekinai              gomen              gakkou              omoi              naranai              yokatta              itsumo              kimochi              utsukushii              inochi              dekiru              aishi              teki              deshita              shirushi              itsumademo              utau              omoide              yabai              hitotsu              koukou              wasurenai              oniichan              kajitsu              yatte              shitteiru              shinryaku              shikaku              jikan              janai              datte              hanashi              nemurenai              kekkon             

Examples of "toori"
Toori Khels are divided into Shogi, Khushali and Madikhel subtribes. Khushali people are living here...
In 2014, Yamazaki's first heroine role was in "Kami-sama no Iu Toori" as Ichika Akimoto.
Toori Khels live in the mountains of Razmak. Used to climbing hills on foot, they are tough and hardy fighters. Toori Khels are further divided into Shogi, Khushali and Madikhel subtribes. Tehsil Razmak is occupied by the Shogi and Khushali subtribes. Shogis are further divided in nine subtribes. As per “Nikat” the traditional tribal distribution, every thing in tehsil Razmak is distributed equally among these two tribes. Cadet College Razmak is also located here.
The population is migratory and owns land also in other parts of the North Waziristan Agency where they migrate when it gets too cold. The main tribes that inhabit Razmak sub-division are Toori Khel, Boora Khel and Dirdooni.
As the Gods Will () is a 2014 Japanese supernatural horror film directed by Takashi Miike. It is based on the first arc of the manga series "Kami-sama no Iu Toori" by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Akeji Fujimura.
The dynamics of the society are governed by oligarchy. The elders of the tribes and families are the unelected leaders. The main elders of the area are Noor Baqi Jan, Zuman Alikhel, Nawaz Shakhimar in Toori khel, Shahzada and Saudal in boorakel, Hakeem Jan in Dirdooni.
The North east part of Kanker comes under Mahanadi plane. The most part of this plane lie at a height of less than 500 meters above sea level. The main river of this area is Mahanadi. Hatkul, Chinar, Doodh, Sendoor, Nakti, and Toori are the other rivers of the area. The Kotri plane comes under Bhanupratappur area. The most part of this plane lie at a height of less than 400 meters above sea level. Korti and Valler are the main rivers of this area. The topography of Kanker district is also dotted with multitude of ancient hill regions. These can be divided into the following three groups:
Notes, found in the diary of an eminent palm leaf designer of Jeypore kingdom, revealed the glorious past of the Dussehra celebration here. The diary, which was written in 1956, was recovered in Jeypore recently. Describing the festival spirit in those days, he had written about the splendour of eight elephants and 20 horses leading the procession, with people beating huge drums, as well as nagara, toori and birakahali, specially brought for the occasion. Dussehra in Jeypore is not just worshiping Durga. The festival is an occasion for people to reunite. People from distant places, like Umerkote and Nandapur, used to visit 'Jayapura', the ancient name of Jeypore. In earlier times it was celebrated for 16 days. Village heads were invited and their procession was known as 'lathi yatra'. The king used to honour the village heads. It has had a great effect on the people, who remained united.
The single's standard cover features the girls as numbers on a mobile phone keypad. The title track was originally from their sixth album "Ai no Dai 6 Kan", titled "Chokkan (Toki Toshite Koi wa)". Originally, the title track was going to be the coupling track, "Koi wa Hassō Do the Hustle!", but was changed due to unpopularity during live concert performances shortly prior to the single's release. Tsunku later stated that the original song had been such a success during the group's 2005 spring tour that he also wanted to add it to the autumn tour's set-list. While watching footage of the autumn tour, which he did not attend, he came up with the lyrics to what would later become "Chokkan 2", wondering if all of the excitement during the performance of the song was a "message from the fans." As well as new lyrics, the song was given an altered dance routine. Yet another remix of the song, "Chokkan 2 (Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo! (Mattaku Sono Toori Remix))", appeared on their seventh album "Rainbow 7", released in February 2006.