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Examples of "topcoder"
In September 2013, Topcoder was acquired by Appirio.
Topcoder is a company that administers contests in computer programming. Topcoder hosts fortnightly online competitive programming competitions—known as SRMs or "single round matches"—as well as weekly competitions in graphic design and development. The work in design and development produces useful software which is licensed for profit by Topcoder.
Notable crowdsourcing processes include AppStori and TopCoder processes.
Another crowdsourcing example—TopCoder—creates a software contest model where programming tasks are posted as contests and the developer of the best solution wins the top prize. Following this model, TopCoder has established an online platform to support its ecosystem and gathered a virtual global workforce with more than 1 million registered members and nearly 50,000 active participants. All these TopCoder members compete against each other in software development tasks such as requirement analysis, algorithm design, coding, and testing.
As of May 3, 2016 Topcoder has more than 997,507 registered members.
Topcoder initially awarded money every week to coders who did well in the weekly competitions, or Single Round Matches (SRMs). For a while, prize money was only awarded twice a year to winners and finalists of the Topcoder Collegiate Challenge (TCCC, which is in the spring) and the Topcoder Open (formerly the Invitational, which is in the fall). As of June 2005, some weekly SRMs began to once again award prize money, being sponsored by outside companies such as Google and Yahoo!. However, since August 2008 Topcoder returned to giving money prizes only to winners and finalists of other tournaments.
In September 2013, Appirio acquired TopCoder, a community of 500,000 developers, engineers and designers that find and collaborate on software development assignments ranging from applications and websites, to back-end corporate systems. CloudSpokes, Appirio’s competing platform with 75,000 users, was merged into TopCoder in January 2014.
Topcoder sells software licenses to use the growing body of components that have been developed in competition and also acts as an outsourcing center, allowing companies to farm out custom design and development tasks to Topcoder competitors. Competitors involved in the creation of these components are paid royalties based on these sales.
In 2005, he was one of the top 24 finalists in the Algorithm Coding Competition of the International Topcoder Collegiate Challenge.
Barton has won two gold medals at the International Olympiad in Informatics. In 2001 he finished first with 580 points out of 600, 55 ahead of his nearest competitor, the largest margin in IOI history at the time. Barton was a member of the 2nd and 5th place MIT team at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, and reached the finals in the TopCoder Open (2004), semi-finals (2003, 2006), the "TopCoder Collegiate Challenge" (2004), semi-finals (2006), TCCC Regional finals (2002), and TopCoder Invitational semi-finalist (2002).
The TopCoder Software Development Process consists of a number of different phases, and within each phase there can be different competition types:
Moreover, online judge sites are also using Elo rating system or its derivatives. For example, TopCoder is using a modified version based on normal distribution, while Codeforces is using another version based on logistic distribution.
Petr Mitrichev (born 19 March 1985) is a Russian competitive programmer who has won multiple major international competitions. His accomplishments include gold (2000, 2002) and silver (2001) medals in the IOI, gold medals (2003, 2005) in the ACM ICPC World Finals as part of the team of Moscow State University and winning Google Code Jam (2006), the TopCoder Open (2006, 2013, 2015), the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge (2006, 2007), Facebook Hacker Cup (2011, 2013) as well as numerous national and online contests. He has achieved the highest rating ever among the "Algorithm" competitors of and consistently ranks in the top two of the world. He is the highest rated Algorithm coder on Topcoder ratings List of users in order of rating as of April 6, 2015. He currently works at Google, where he works on the search engine and helps to prepare Code Jam.
In addition to Open Source, Lakhani's is cited as leading academic expert on the topic of crowdsourcing. In particular, he is known for his research on the T-shirt company Threadless, and prize-based open innovation firms like InnoCentive & TopCoder. Currently he is the principal investigator for the Harvard-NASA Tournament Lab.
Codeforces is a Russian website dedicated to competitive programming. It was created and is maintained by a group of competitive programmers from Saratov State University led by Mikhail Mirzayanov. Since 2013, Codeforces has surpassed TopCoder in terms of active contestants .Good Bye 2016 contest broke all records in terms of registrants: 9144.
It is the technical festival of the BIT Jaipur. It is a two-day inter college event being organised in the Spring Semester. Events include Most Famous HACKATHON, Coding Events sponsored by TopCoder and CSI, Robotic events, Technical Quizzes and Seminars, DJ and EDM Nites. In the Year 2014 Raeth Band of Pakistan performed during the Techvibes.
In 2011 the United States Patent and Trademark Office launching a crowdsourcing challenge under the America COMPETES Act on the TopCoder platform to develop for image processing algorithms and software to recognize figure and part labels in patent documents with a prize pool of $50,000 USD. The contest resulted in 70 teams collectively making 1,797 code submissions. The solution of the contest winner achieved high accuracy in terms of recall and precision for the recognition of figure regions and part labels.
Level 1: single persons, well-defined modules, small size, limited time span (less than 2 months), quality products, current development processes such as the one by TopCoder and uTest. At this level, coders are ranked, websites contains online repository crowdsourcing materials, software can be ranked by participants, have communication tools such as wiki, blogs, comments, software development tools such as IDE, testing, compilers, simulation, modeling, and program analysis.
The Programming Team at Timber Creek High School competes in contests modeled after the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. They attend contests at Stetson University, University of Central Florida, University of Florida, and Florida International University. In addition, they are members of the Florida High School Programming Series, USA Computing Olympiad, and the American Computer Science League. They also attend other online contests hosted by CodeForces, TopCoder, and CodeChef.
Gennady Korotkevich (, Hienadź Karatkievič, ; born 25 September 1994), is a Belarusian sport programmer who has won major international competitions since age 11, as well as numerous national competitions. His top accomplishments include six consecutive gold medals in the International Olympiad in Informatics as well as the world championship in the 2013 and 2015 International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals. As of July 2016, Korotkevich is currently the highest-rated programmer at Codeforces, and the second highest rated algorithm competitor at TopCoder.