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Examples of "toranzo"
Corvera de Toranzo is a municipality located in the autonomous community of Cantabria, Spain. According to the 2007 census, the city has a population of 2,202 inhabitants. Its capital is San Vicente de Toranzo.
Santiurde de Toranzo is a municipality of Cantabria. The Pas River runs through it.
Patricio Toranzo (born 19 March 1982 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine football midfielder. He currently plays for Huracán.
According to Carlos Toranzo Roca, the politics of MAS-IPSP is largely a continuation of the traditional Latin American populism, which in Bolivia is rooted in the 1952 revolution. A key element of this feature is, according to Toranzo Roca, clientelistic relations of distribution combined with anti-imperialist and nationalist discourse.
Toranzo Fernández was born in Venado, San Luis Potosi, on September 12, 1950. He was one of eleven children born to Carmen Fernandez de Toranzo and Manuel Contreras. Toranozo Fernandez attended Instituto Carlos Gómez for elementary school. He enrolled at el Bachillerato en la Preparatoria de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí before specializing in general surgery at the Facultad de Medicina.
José de Bustamante y Guerra (Corvera de Toranzo, Cantabria 1 April 1759 – Madrid 10 March 1825), sometimes referred to simply as Bustamante, was a Spanish naval officer, explorer, and politician. He was a native of Corvera de Toranzo in Cantabria, Spain.
At 03:00 am on 17 June, the leaders of the ill-fated coup, Olivieri, Toranzo Calderón and Gargiulo were told they were to be tried under martial law, and they were each offered a pistol to end their lives. Olivieri and Toranzo Calderón declined. At 05:45 am, just before dawn, Gargiulo committed suicide in his office.
Gustavo Ariel Toranzo (born September 15, 1987 in Quilmes (Buenos Aires), Argentina) is an Argentine footballer currently playing for Everton of the Primera División B in Chile.
Toranzo made his professional debut for Club Atlético River Plate in a league match against Racing Club de Avellaneda on 3 June 2004.
San Luis Potosí governor Fernando Toranzo Fernández responded by calling on federal military forces to reinforce law enforcement throughout the state.
On 2 February 2011, Camoranesi signed a two-year contract with Lanús with the option to coach youth players if he decides to retire. In October 2011, Camoranesi made headlines for kicking an opponent in the head. In a match against Racing Club, Camoranesi fouled Patricio Toranzo and was shown a red card by the referee. Instead of walking off, Camoranesi ran back and kicked Toranzo in the head while Toranzo was still lying on the ground. Toranzo later commented that Camoranesi is "not much of a man, just a coward" and suggested Camoranesi would need to see a psychiatrist for his violent behaviour. Camoranesi faced a long ban from football for this incident.
Toranzo made his debut for the Argentina national team after being called up to join Diego Maradona's squad of local league call-ups who beat Jamaica 2-1 on 10 February 2010.
Fernando Toranzo Fernández (born September 12, 1950) is a Mexican politician who served as the Governor of San Luis Potosí on 2009-2015. He formerly served as the Health Secretary of San Luis Potosi.
Luis Villoro Toranzo (3 November 1922 – 5 March 2014) was a Spanish–Mexican philosopher, researcher, university professor, diplomat, academic and writer. He published more than ten books between 1950 and 2007.
During his period as governor President Felipe Calderon declared war on drugs. Despite increasing violence in most parts of Mexico during the years 2006-2009 the state of San Luis Potosi remained one of the safest states in Mexico and one of the least affected by drug violence. His term ended in 2009 and Fernando Toranzo Fernandez became governor of San Luis Potosi.
In April 2013, Zhu again delayed the payment of the wages of players causing three South American players including Giovanni Moreno, Rolando Schiavi and Patricio Toranzo to strike. Three players decline to play a home league game against Liaoning Hongyun. Eventually in July 2013, manager Sergio Batista resigned because he had not received his wage for four months.
Cacciatore returned to Argentina and was reinstated into the Air Force. Following a collapse in Church-state relations in Argentina in late 1954, Cacciatore joined a second mutiny against the President, led by Rear Admiral Samuel Toranzo Calderón. On the eve of the planned, June 16, 1955, attack, Toranzo had decided to postpone the move; but unaware of the decision, an Air Force detachment, which included Cacciatore, carried out the brutal bombing of Plaza de Mayo (the public square facing the presidential offices, the Casa Rosada) as scheduled, and during a Peronist rally. Piloting one of the Gloster Meteor jets deployed for the raid, Cacciatore was among the pilots whose attack took over 300 civilian lives, after which the pilots flew to safety in Uruguay.
Austin was born in New York City, the son of Giny Rodriquez Toranzo and Joe Szymanski. His middle initial, "T", is taken from his mother's maiden name. His mother is of Puerto Rican, Argentine, and Spanish descent, and his father is of Polish, Irish, and English descent. Austin embraces his Puerto Rican heritage, though he admits not being fluent in Spanish. He has one younger sister, Ava.
Palermo Bajo won its first Torneo de Córdoba title in 2002, defeating Jockey Club Córdoba 23-19 in the final game. Some players of that team were: Agustín Corchio, Paulo Cecchetto, Gastón Toranzo, F. Interdonato, Juan Covassi, Mariano Moya, Mauro Gallardo, "Chevi" Irazoqui, Esteban Brouwer de Koning, Marcos Ferreyra, Pablo Rusculleda, Ricardo Barbará, Rodrigo Altamira, Ezequiel Ferrini, Eugenio Morra, Nicolás Cativelli, Daniel Ferreyra and Tomás Brouwer de Koning, being coached by Marcelo Ambroggio and Alfredo Díaz.
From 1974 to 1974 Gimnasia achieved titles in all divisions. In 1976 the young team won the Argentine championship, with Marcelo Perazzo, Oscar Möller, Daniel Tapiz, Daniel Sevlever, Marcelo Mosquera, Horacio Toranzo, Eugenio Quattrocchio, Gustavo Grgicevic, Fabián Martín, Esteban Hernandez and Andrés Goldín as part of the team. Many of them were called for the national team that played the South American tournament in the Uruguayan city Punta del Este.