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Examples of "torgny"
Torgny Torgnysson Segerstedt (11 August 1908, Mellerud, Dalsland – 28 January 1999) was a Swedish philosopher and sociologist. He was the son of the elder Torgny Segerstedt, scholar of comparative religion and publicist remembered especially for his uncompromising anti-Nazi stance. To distinguish him from his father, when needed, he is often referred to as Torgny T:son Segerstedt (i.e. Torgny T[orgnys]son Segerstedt), or Torgny Segerstedt the younger.
This was Torgny Segerstedt's one million SEK question:
Torgny is a village in the municipality of Rouvroy, in the province of Luxembourg, Belgium. It has about 200 inhabitants and is the southernmost place of Belgium. Till 1977 Torgny was a municipality.
Torgny is a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Allting som vi har is a 2007 Torgny Melins studio album.
The French river Chiers borders the municipality of Rouvroy near Torgny.
The Swedish dansband Torgny Melin's released a cover version in 2006.
All text and lyrics by Lasse Holm and Torgny Söderberg expect:
Gustav Torgny Lindgren (16 June 1938 – 16 March 2017) was a Swedish writer.
Torgny Wickman (1911–1997) was a Swedish screenwriter and film director.
The Way of a Serpent () is a 1982 novel by Swedish author Torgny Lindgren.
Dansbandsnatt is a studio album released on 27 January 2010 by Swedish dansband Torgny Melins.
The poem has also been recorded as an audio book, with Torgny Lindgren reading it.
Torgny Segerstedt is the subject of the 2012 Swedish film, "The Last Sentence", directed by Jan Troell.
Jag önskar er alla en riktigt god jul is a Christmas song, written by Paul Sahlin and Torgny Söderberg.
Language of Love () is a 1969 Swedish sex educational film directed by Torgny Wickman. It was an international success.
In 2010, the song "Fem minuter i himmelen" was recorded by Torgny Melins and Melissa Williams on the album "Dansbandsnatt.
Anita: Swedish Nymphet is a 1973 erotic drama film directed by Torgny Wickman, starring Christina Lindberg and Stellan Skarsgård.
Sweetness () is a 1995 novel by Swedish author Torgny Lindgren. It won the August Prize in 1995.
"Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley" was the winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest 1984 performed in Swedish by a trio of brothers named Herrey's. Lyrics were written by Britt Lindeborg, and the tune by Torgny Söderberg. It was produced by Anders Engberg and Torgny Söderberg.