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Examples of "touchton"
J. Thomas and Lavinia W. Touchton Collection of Florida Cartography
Mr. Touchton serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees until 2000.
An English version of the song, titled "Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying)", was also recorded with lyrics by Timothy Touchton.
All music by Stefan Zauner and Aron Strobel except "So Good" (Stefan Zauner and Michael Kunzi). All lyrics by Tim Touchton and Curtis Briggs except "The Land of Fantasy", "Tears are a Girl's Best Friend" and "So Good" (Touchton) and "On the Run to be Free" (Briggs).
Steve Touchton is an American musician who currently resides in Los Angeles. He was a founding member of the bands XBXRX and Kit. His current projects include the Noise music trio Remainderless and the Experimental music series Ex Im Ot.
Although 1991 was a quiet year for the band, Zauner and Strobel were still active, releasing the album "Living in the Sun" under the name of Deuces Wild. The album was recorded in English with most of the lyrics written by Tim Touchton, who had worked with the band since "Fantasy".
In August 2012, Valentina Monetta and Ralph Siegel collaborated to prepare an entry which resulted in the Italian pop ballad "Crisalide (Vola)". The song was composed by Siegel with lyrics by Mauro Balestri. An English version of the song titled "Chrysallis" has also been recorded with lyrics by Timothy Touchton.
Following the success of "Von Anfang an" and its follow-up, "Traumziel", the band aimed for international success and began recording tracks from both albums in English. The result was "Romancing in the Dark", containing English version of six tracks from "Traumziel" plus their three biggest German hits. The majority of the English lyrics were written by the band themselves with some assistance from outside lyricists. (Later the band relied on English lyrics written by professional lyricists Tim Touchton and Curtis Briggs.) The album was released throughout Europe, and there were big hits in Greece (where "Every Time" was a No. 1 single), Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.
In addition to such books written for the general public, Pearson has made major contributions to the fields of education, marketing and branding, organizational development, and leadership through publications such as "Educating the Majority: Women Challenge Tradition in Higher Education", co-editors, Donna L. Shavlik and Judith G. Touchton (1989); "The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes", co-author, Margaret Mark (2001); "Mapping the Organizational Psyche: A Jungian Theory of Organizational Dynamics and Change", co-author, John G. Corlett (2004); and "The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century" (2012).
Deuces Wild were a one-off band formed in Munich in 1991 by Stefan Zauner (Vocals, Keyboards) and Aron Strobel (Guitar), both of the successful German pop band Münchener Freiheit. Their only album, "Living in the Sun" was released on Columbia Records in 1991 along with two singles: a Beatles cover, "This Boy", and the group-penned title track. As the album used the writing partnership of Zauner, Strobel and Touchton, the album bore little difference to the music they had created under Münchener Freiheit. Neither album nor single were a success and, as of 2005, the album is out of print. Zauner and Strobel disbanded Deuces Wild and concentrated their efforts on Münchener Freiheit's return to the Top 10, "Liebe auf den ersten Blick"
The film presents a series of interviews about the investigation and reenactments of the shooting, based on the testimony and recollections of Adams, Harris, the judge presiding over the case (Donald J. Metcalfe), and several witnesses (including Emily Miller and R. L. Miller) and detectives (including Gus Rose, Jackie Johnson, and Marshall Touchton). Two attorneys (Edith James and Dennis White) who represented Adams at the trial where he was convicted also appear: they suggested that Adams was charged with the crime despite the evidence against Harris because he was a juvenile at the time and that Adams, as an adult, could be sentenced to death under Texas law. The prosecutor (Douglas D. Mulder) does not appear in the film.