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Examples of "toulnustouc"
As early as 1955, the Manicouagan Power Company planned a first expansion by adding 4 60,000 h.p. (44.8 MW) turbines, increasing the rated capacity to 292,400 h.p. (218 MW). The plant expansion was facilitated by a $C 29 million regulation dam built by Hydro-Québec downstream from Sainte-Anne Lake, on the Toulnustouc River and the upgraded facility was completed in 1959.
After a pause in the 1990s, Hydro-Québec restarted its construction activities in the early years of the 21st century. Recent projects include the Sainte-Marguerite-3 (SM-3) station in 2004 (884 megawatts); Toulnustouc in 2005 (526 megawatts); Eastmain-1 in 2007 (480 megawatts); Peribonka (385 megawatts) and Mercier in 2008 (50.5 megawatts), Rapides-des-Cœurs (76 megawatts) and Chute-Allard (62 megawatts) in 2009.
In the early 1950s, the Manicouagan River attracted Hydro-Québec's attention for hydro-electric development because of the deep and fast running waters. In 1956, a dam was built at the mouth of Lake Sainte-Anne to regulate the Toulnustouc River, the main left tributary that empties in the Manicouagan between the Manic-2 and Manic-3 dams. Four years later, the main construction work began on the dams and power stations of the Manicouagan River and its neighbor to the west, the Outardes River. By 1978, this project, with a total power supply 4672 MW, was completed.
The Cartier Railway is an engineering marvel and was constructed using all the modern, state-of-the art techniques available at the time, including making extensive use of aerial mapping to select the best route through the very mountainous terrain. The initial rail line used natural drainage extensively by following the Rochers and Toulnustouc River valleys to keep the grades at a minimum. The ruling grade for southbound loaded trains was kept to a very easy 0.4% while the northbound ruling grade was only 1.35%. Numerous rock cuts had to be blasted and five tunnels, ranging from , were built where rock cuts weren't possible. The heavy haul nature of this railway, all rail, including sidings and yard tracks made all constructed be using rail in lengths. Since curves account for 54.3% of the main line, extensive use of flange oilers was needed. The oilers were located every or 250 degrees of curvature, whichever was less. Granite, blasted and removed during construction of the harbor at Port Cartier was crushed and used as ballast on the first of the line, while local pit-run gravel was used for the remainder. Twenty-two bridges were needed for the railroad, with the bridge at Milepost 68.5 being the longest () and highest () on the line. The railway also required the construction of 1,524 culverts for drainage.