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toute              vont              sont              votre              regarde              toujours              mieux              vrai              cette              mourir              chaque              seule              toutes              ainsi              quoi              vivre              nous              quand              veut              perdre              rien              amoureux              sauver              comme              mots              autre              moins              cendres              vous              voici              sortir              envie              vendre              partout              comprendre              jamais              peuvent              envers              calme              enfin              vouloir              besoin              celui              apprendre              yeux              habitude              revient              ceux              aussi              flammes             

Examples of "tous"
The descendants following their mythological progenitor Tous were mentioned as the "House of Tous", the "House Nowzari" or at least as "Shahzadegi Tous ben Naudharan" and some Iranian families claim to be offspring of the hero Tous like the tribe of Zarrin Kafsh.
Tous Les Jours () is a South Korean bakery franchise owned by CJ Foodville, a business group of CJ Group. Tous Les Jours means 'everyday' in French.
Kylie Minogue has been one of several celebrity “images” of the brand name and have contributed to consolidating TOUS' international popularity. In 2011, TOUS chose Jennifer Lopez as the image for its Spring–Summer campaign. In this same year, TOUS also launched a special collaboration with Manolo Blahnik for the creation of the "Manolo Blahnik for TOUS" collection; the collaborative release consisted of pendants that are a faithful reproduction, in gold and in silver, of the famous “Campari” shoe.
Rosa Maria Oriol Porta or Rosa Oriol de Tous (born 1946) is a Catalan jeweller, business executive and the creative director of Tous Designer House. She and her husband, Salvador Tous, led the business to grow into an international jewellery and fashion accessories company. She married him in 1965 and at that time Tous was a more local jewelry store founder by his father. Her ideas include reportedly coming up with the "Tous teddy bear" during a trip. She received the Creu de Sant Jordi Award in 2014. She has also received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and was named a "Fun Fearless Female" by "Cosmopolitan" magazine.
Assez vu. La vision s'est rencontrée à tous les airs.
Tous Les Jours opened its 1000th store in July 2008.
Brisant tous les assauts quand la mitraille explose
Chant de Marche : Nous sommes tous des volontaires featuring:
Tous ces jours passeront ; ils passeront en foule
Et qui, béats fervents, engraissés de tous biens,
Chant de Marche : Nous sommes tous des volontaires featuring:
Tous founded the city of Tous in the province of Khorassan next to today’s city of Mashhad. It is said that the city of Tous was the capital of Parthia and the residence of King Vishtaspa, who was the first converted to Zoroastianism.
VIII. Des facultes communes a tous les corps vivans (113)
C'est Lindor, c'est Tircis et c'est tous nos vainqueurs!
Starting with opening a Tous les Jours store, a bakery chain, in Los Angeles in 2004, CJ has launched the chain also in China and Vietnam, where double-digit sales growth is maintained. The first Tous Les Jours in Hanoi, Vietnam, opened in June 2012, and in December 2012, the 20th and 21st Tous les Jours opened in New Jersey and New York.
Josep Tous Soler was born on 31 March 1811 in Saint Joseph Street as the ninth of twelve children of Nicolau Tous Cerreras and Francesca Soler Ferrer. He was named and baptized on 1 April with his godfather being his older brother Nicholas Tous Soler (21 August 1795 - 20 December 1870).
But finally when Kai Kavoos chose his grandson Kai Khosrow as heir to the throne of Iran, Tous rebelled, and again declared his claims as oldest son of Nowzar. In Tous' opinion the House of Kai Kobad had lost its right to rule because Kai Khosrow has had a Turanian mother and thus Tous feared that with his coronation at least Turan, Iran's arch-enemy, would come to power. A civil war about succession broke out between the House of Tous and the House of Godarz. Godarz was another heroic warrior of Iran, a loyal vassal to the king’s wishes and Kai Khosrows supporter. During this war on both sides a lot of famous warriors were killed, like Rivniz (Tous' son-in-law), Zarasp (Tous' son) and Farud (Khosrow's half-brother). Thus, to end this bloody civil war the old Kai Kavoos decided to make an assessment between the claimant to the throne Tous and his own heir Kai Khosrow. Tous failed in the challenge for the throne but Kai Khosrow won the test. And finally Tous accepted the result. He paid obedience to the new designed king and for his loyalty Tous was granted the greatest honours as a royal prince. After Tous protected Iran and the new king against several demons and dragons in many adventures, Kai Khosrow marched with a huge army against Turan. Tous was commander-in-chief and at least the Iranians could defeat the Turanians in a final battle. Then one day in wintertime the whole royal court arranged a shoot in the woods, and also Tous was among Kai Khosrow’s companions who rode into wilderness and suddenly disappeared completely behind the fallen snow. And it is said that "at the end of times, at Judgement Day he will occur again as one of the thirty Immortals, to fight at the side of the Holy Saviour for Good, and in the final apocalyptical battle he will destroy all creatures of Evil."
His novels "Tous les soleils" and "Angelica" were both set in Sicily. "Tous les soleils" won the Prix Femina in 1984 and "Angelica" the Albert Camus Prize in 1988.
Oriol's creative capacity and Tous' managerial skills resulted in a national expansion during the 1980s. The Tous’ four daughters — Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta — subsequently joined the family business.
He appeared in "Tous pour un, un pour tous" ("All For One, and One For All") a 1993 National Film Board of Canada documentary about Quebec fencers trying to make the 1988 Canadian Olympic team, directed by Diane Létourneau.