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Examples of "tousley"
Asst. Doorkeepers: B. E. Robertson, Glen A. Tousley
In 2011, Tousley was appointed the first Critic in Residence at the Alberta College of Art and Design.
Born in Wadsworth, Ohio, Tousley moved to Wisconsin in 1858 and then moved to Illinois in 1859. In 1860, he moved back to Wisconsin and then in 1861 moved back to Illinois. During the American Civil War, Tousley enlisted in the 69th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He settled in Jefferson, Wisconsin and was the editor and publisher of the Jefferson Banner newspaper. In 1870, Tousley served in the Wisconsin State Assembly and was a Democrat. In 1879, Tousley moved to Chicago, Illinois; he died in Chicago, Illinois in 1903.
Cran's work was also selected for the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, which featuring 36 Alberta-based artists in an exhibition curated by Nancy Tousley and entitled "The News From Here." The exhibition entitled "The News From Here" with a catalogue by the same name, curated by Nancy Tousley, "explores the theme of post-regionalism in Alberta art," where artists like Cran,
Wilbur H. Tousley (March 19, 1841 – December 8, 1903) was an American newspaper editor, printer, and politician.
Price, President of the Big Creek Leasing Company, extended a large sum of money attempting to reach ore reserves on the lower levels of the Blake Brothers previous workings. Proving unsuccessful at this attempt Price interested a Spokane businessman by the name of Eugene Tousley. Tousley, in turn, interested a Yakima, Washington businessman and minins entrepreneur named John Sawbridge. It is unclear when exactly Sawbridge became involved in the company, but he likely held stock in the company when the Sunshine Mining Company was officially formed in 1918. At this time the company's headquarters were in Spokane, Washington. The original officers of the company were Eugene C. Tousley, E. Ely and V.S. Ricaby. Tousley was a broker in the mining industry, working in Spokane. During this time W.F. Newton was the manager of the company
Henry Tousley was employed as a railroad official. The home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.
Nancy Tousley (b. 1943) is an award-winning senior art critic, journalist, art writer and independent curator whose practice has included writing for a major daily newspaper, art magazines, and exhibition catalogues.
The William V. N. Barlow House, North Main–Bank Streets Historic District, Orleans County Courthouse Historic District, Tousley-Church House, and United States Post Office are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The small village of Amboy Center is situated as its name indicates, in the central part of the town. Among those formerly in mercantile business here were F. M. Tousley, that store now being conducted by David Spoon & Son; Stephen Williams; and J. N. Short & Son, whose former store is now conducted by W. E. Lewis & Co. The hotel that had been kept by J. J. O'Gara was burned in February, 1892. The cheese factory here is carried on by Robert Foils. Among the postmasters have been Clay Short, F. M. Tousley, George W. Sergeant, David Wilson, Seymour Spoon, William E. Lewis, and John W. Whaley, present incumbent.
Henry Tousley House is a historic home located at Logansport, Cass County, Indiana. It was built in 1885, and is a two-story, late Italianate style brick dwelling with Eastlake Movement decorative elements. It has an asymmetrical plan, a central hip roofed section with a projecting front wing, and one-story front porch added about 1910.
John Hall filed a nearly identical suit in U.S. District Court in Oregon after paying the out of warranty repair cost to replace the instrument cluster in his 2003 GMC Envoy LE. Both Zwicker and Hall were represented by Beth Terrell, an attorney with the Seattle law firm of Tousley Brain Stephens.
The Tousley-Church House is located on North Main Street (New York State Route 98) in Albion, New York, United States. It is a brick house in the Greek Revival architectural style built in two different stages in the mid-19th century.
It was the home of a prominent local architect who designed many major buildings in Albion. In 1983 it and an accompanying barn, since converted into a garage, were added to the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of two houses in Albion so designated (the other is the Greek Revival Tousley-Church House).
Of the 19 buildings, at least 10 have been used as dwellings at some point in their history. Two of those were originally inns that have since become residences. The Tousley-Church House was later converted into the local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter offices. The four conventional historic districts all include some residential properties as well among their contributing properties.
The Tousley-Church House is located in an lot on the northeast corner of North Main and Linwood Avenue, in the section of the village of Albion north of the Erie Canal (now part of the New York State Barge Canal), in the Town of Gaines. The terrain is level. The surrounding neighborhood is residential, with most houses dating to the late 19th or early 20th centuries.
In a 2003 review published in "Canadian Art Magazine," "Calgary Herald" art critic Nancy Tousley compared Cran's creative process to meteorological events, storms, showers and "thunderous, lightning speed one offs" in which he produces experimental works based on an idea as catalyst using a handful of different styles. The result is a body of work that looks like it was not produced by one artist but many.
A son of one of the county's earliest settlers, Tousley had run a tavern in Clarendon until 1837, when he began speculating in real estate and pursuing various other business ventures, including the contract for widening the canal through the county and some of the early railroad construction in the area. He served in several public offices in Clarendon, including town supervisor around the time he bought the house.
Tousley died in 1863, leaving the house to his young daughter Florence. Three years later she married George Church, son of Sanford E. Church, former lieutenant governor and chief of New York's highest court, the Court of Appeals. George himself would serve as deputy superintendent of insurance and deputy state treasurer. The Churches only major change to the house was the addition of the projecting bay on the south wing's south wall, around 1870.
In 1968, Interpace acquired its second largest company, Shenango China. Shenango was the owner and maker of Castleton China and was a large supplier of restaurant china. Shenango had acquired Mayer China in 1964 was included in the acquition. The design staff of each division was maintained separately. However, Shenango manufactured Franciscan's Gourmet line of stoneware dinnerware and cookware. Franciscan Gourmet was designed by Otto Lund and Jeffrey Tousley.