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Examples of "toylines"
In June 2010, Bandai announced that new toylines will be released, based on both the classic and the 2011 series.
Mosquitor is a fictional character in Mattel's "Masters of the Universe" toyline, one of the best-selling toylines of the 1980s.
These story pages were used to provide supporting fiction for the remaining two years worth of toylines—1991's and 1992's Operation: Combination.
In 1971, Bandai founded its subsidiary company Popy which helped to launch toylines such as "Chogokin" and "Machine Robo". It was merged into its parent company in 1983.
Although Mr. Ōno no longer designs Transformer toys, as of 2005, he is still employed by Takara where he continues to design figures in other Takara toylines.
The four previously unreleased Generation 2 molds introduced in Machine Wars were eventually used in the "Beast Wars II" and "" toylines. The line later served as inspiration for the 2013 plotline of BotCon, "Machine Wars: Termination."
The Cobra Organization is the fictional nemesis of the G.I. Joe Team in the Hasbro toylines and related media. This is an alphabetical listing of Cobra Command members with unique identities.
These story pages were also used to provide supporting fiction for the remaining two years worth of toylines - 1991's Battlestars: Return of Convoy and 1992's Operation: Combination.
In the story "", the Predacon Galvatron was born after the G-Virus, a contagion containing the essence of the original Galvatron, accidentally infected the scientist Cop-Tur. Reformatted into a Transformer with a truck alternate mode-apparently based on "Beast Hunter" Optimus Prime from the "/" toylines-the newly born Predacon soon set out with intentions unknown.
From 1997 to 2001, Toy Biz release the "Video Game Super Stars" series, based on some popular games of the 90's, basically based on Nintendo and Capcom characters (with the exception of the "Tomb Raider" toys). Eight toylines were released:
The toys featured a number of other innovative features – Raideen is often considered the first transforming toy, and thus a precursor of the world-famous "Transformers" line. The same toy also introduced the idea of a predominantly-black ‘premium’ recolour, an idea which has since become a recurring theme in many toylines, especially those in Japan.
The Countdown toy is the largest Micromaster toy ever produced. It consists of three distinct parts: A mobile spaceport, a rocket, and the Countdown figure itself, which transforms to a lunar rover. Countdown is the only lunar rover in the entire Generation 1 toyline, although there have been more lunar rovers in later toylines.
Unlike many toylines of the time, Computer Warriors did not feature a tie-in animated series. There was only a single pilot episode, "Computer Warriors: The Adventure Begins", which was later released on VHS. Directed by Bill Kroyer (who also co-wrote with Carl Macek) it featured his signature style of integrating wireframe CGI with traditional hand-drawn animation.
Most of the figures used for the special are from the Mego World's Greatest Superheroes!, Mattel DC Universe Classics, and EMCE Toys/Mattel DC Retro Action Superheroes toylines. Brainiac and Lex Luthor would see both DC Universe Classics and DC Retro Action Superheroes versions (though, of course, the DC Retro Action Superheroes Brainiac figure was an original piece).
Still later, Olivia became her toy company's liaison with Guy Gardner and the Justice League, responsible for developing "Guy Gardner: Warrior" and "Justice League America" toylines. During this time, she had a flirtation with Icemaiden. It is unknown if their relationship developed further. ("Justice League America" #110, 113)
Mattel/Super7 intend to release as many action figures as possible as part of the current "Masters of the Universe Classics"/"He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" toylines. The following is a selection of characters that they own the rights to make toys of:
It has become commonplace in more modern "Transformers" toylines for certain figures to be designed as homages to characters from past series, or for existing toys to be repainted for this purpose also. Given their lesser-known nature, for any of the Monsterbots to be chosen for this was surprising, but Repugnus has twice received the honor.
Despite his death in the 2007 film, he appears as downloadable content for the video game based on "Revenge of the Fallen" for campaign and multiplayer mode. He also appears in the toylines for "Revenge of the Fallen" and "Dark of the Moon".
Several Transformers were set to appear in the films, but cut or removed in the final cut of the films and their roles were taken to the Transformers that appeared. They only appeared in the toylines - including "Transformers", "", "" and "Transformers: Age of Extinction".
"A Real American Hero" was brought about as a revival of the original G.I. Joe brand of the 1960s and 1970s. After the 12" figure had been absent from toy shelves for a few years, G.I. Joe was re-introduced in a action figure format following the success of the "Star Wars" and "Micronauts" 3" scale toylines.