Synonyms for trachuk or Related words with trachuk

matviychuk              shturbabin              shchedov              kuksenkov              kolobkov              abramenko              shulgaguide              hlushchenko              dovhal              detkov              lituyev              zyuskov              porkhomovskiy              naumik              dyudya              khovanskiy              kudinov              starchyk              rudyk              dychko              starodubtsev              lekomtcev              krasovskyi              ivashko              shtyl              dovhan              klevchenya              bahdanovich              kamnev              savolaynen              bocharnikov              selevko              aidarov              chervyakov              dologodin              vikulov              shevtsov              danylchenko              ostrovskyy              sytnyk              silchanka              andriyovych              letnicov              pasichnyk              borisovdenis              yerokhin              babikov              chebotko              radionov              malyshko             

Examples of "trachuk"
Sergei Diyachuk and Volodymyr Trachuk both finished in the bottom five in the two Nordic combined events in Turin.
Volodymyr Trachuk (born 3 January 1985) is an Ukrainian Nordic combined skier who has competed since 2004. Competing in two Winter Olympics, he earned his best finish of 41st in the 10 km individual normal hill event at Vancouver in 2010.
Evans was elected as a New Democrat in the provincial election of 1990, defeating Progressive Conservative candidate Ed Trachuk in the mid-northern riding of Interlake by about 400 votes. The election was won by the Progressive Conservatives, and Evans sat in the Official Opposition.
The Progressive Conservatives again nominated Trachuk against Evans for the provincial election of 1995, but of greater long-term significance was the candidacy of Darryl Sutherland, from Independent Native Voice (a group which purported to represent aboriginal interests in the region). A government inquiry would subsequently establish that Sutherland's candidacy had been encouraged, financed and organized by leading figures in the riding's Progressive Conservative network, in the hopes that Sutherland would take enough votes away from the NDP to allow a PC victory (the aboriginal communities of northern Manitoba have generally supported the NDP, at least since the early 1970s).