Synonyms for tracoma or Related words with tracoma

adenomyosis              metrorrhagia              dysmenorrheal              menorrhagia              polymenorrhea              hypermenorrhea              menometrorrhagia              endarterial              myomectomy              fimbroplasty              metrofibroma              dysmenorrhoea              andpremature              hypomenorrhea              endometrios              myomas              hysteromyoma              varicocele              obstetric              salpingostomy              pseudointimal              fibroids              colistis              cryptorchism              varicoceles              prostatomegaly              pupura              hydrocoele              leiomynomas              restinosis              erthymotosus              varicial              seromas              variceal              hyperlasia              adhesiolysis              pilonidal              varices              metroplasty              myomectomies              hemorrhoidectomies              dysmenorrhea              epistaxis              vascluogenesis              endometriosis              gastrourinal              phimosis              postsurgical              adenomyomas              seroma             

Examples of "tracoma"
The lawyers were not the only members of the firm to achieve national recognition. In 2008, Lori Tracoma, who has been a personal injury assistant with the firm since the early 1980s, was named “The National Paralegal of the Year” by the American Association for Justice at the AAJ National Conference in Philadelphia.
Sebastian Demanop was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1928. As a child, he became infected with tracoma which resulted in total blindness. At the age of 21, he won a full scholarship to attend the Overbrook School for the Blind in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During high school, he learned English and Braille and graduated in 1953. He earned a Bachelor's in Secondary Education at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a Master's in Psychology at the University of Delaware. His wife, from Berks County, is also visually impaired.