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megales              treli              voskopoulos              epitihies              koritsia              giati              tzeni              prodosia              erotas              alkistis              feggari              galani              agapo              natassa              protopsalti              einai              apopse              paizeis              parapono              tolis              pethaino              tragoudi              senane              mousiki              giannopoulou              mahairitsas              kazantzidis              nikolakopoulou              psihi              oneira              erastis              stous              erota              ksipoliti              nousee              terzis              korkolis              pashalis              evanthia              eimaste              nihta              despo              ahmedovski              hronia              agapes              vrahali              kleftis              mesimeri              stigmi              rovena             

Examples of "tragouda"
A Greek version was recorded by Greek singer Marinella with the Greek actor Kostas Spyropoulos, ""Kouventes"" on her album "I Marinella Tragouda Megales Kyries" in 1992.
I Marinella tragouda Megales Kyries (Greek: "Η Μαρινέλλα τραγουδά Μεγάλες Κυρίες"; ) is the name of a studio album by popular Greek singer Marinella. It was released in 1992 by Minos EMI in Greece. This album was issued in mono and stereo. The stereo version of this album was released on CD in the same year by Minos EMI.
I Marinella tragouda Giorgo Zampeta & Aki Panou (Greek: "Η Μαρινέλλα τραγουδά Γιώργο Ζαμπέτα & Άκη Πάνου"; ) is a compilation by popular Greek singer Marinella. It was released in 1996 in Greece by PolyGram Greece - Mercury and includes 17 recordings of songs composed by Giorgos Zampetas and Akis Panou that Marinella recorded from 1967 - 1972 for PolyGram Records.
I Marinella tragouda Mimi Plessa & Gianni Spano (Greek: "Η Μαρινέλλα τραγουδά Μίμη Πλέσσα & Γιάννη Σπανό"; ) is a compilation by popular Greek singer Marinella. It was released in 1996 in Greece by PolyGram Greece - Mercury and includes 17 recordings of songs composed by Mimis Plessas and Giannis Spanos that Marinella recorded from 1966 - 1984 for PolyGram Records and EMI.
I Marinella tragouda ke thimate (Greek: "Η Μαρινέλλα τραγουδά και θυμάται"; ) is the name of a live album by popular Greek singer Marinella. The concert was recorded at the Athens Concert Hall on April 27, 1998. It was released on June 23, 1998 in Greece by BMG Greece and it went platinum settling at 50,000 records sold.
When he was 18, he participated in a song contest in Cyprus, "Afetiries" where he won the first prize. He later participated in the "Laiki Bank Song Contest" with the song 'I Diki Mou Istoria' written by Andreas Gerolemou and won the first prize. In 1995, he participated in the Cypriot National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 with two songs, "Filise Me" (written by Andreas Gerolemou) and "To Gramma" (written by Leonidas Malenis). The first song came in 3rd place and the latter in second place. That year Alex Panagi won the preselection with the song "Sti Fotia". Michalis started his career in Cyprus with three records that all went platinum: "Senario", "O Mihalis Hatzigiannis Tragouda Doro Georgiadi" and "Epafi". He also participated in a musical production in Cyprus called "Pygmalion" in addition to also performing a number of concerts in major city tour in Cyprus titled "Mixalis Xatzigiannis, Andreas Gerolemou".
The song has also been rendered in Dutch as "Nee..." recorded by Milly Scott (1964), in Finnish as "En ole mitään" recorded by Pasi & Pekka () (1970) also by Lea Laven (album "Se jokin" 1970) and as "En ou mittään" by Esa Pakarinen () (1972), in French as "Sans Toi" par Joe Sentieri himself in 1961 and as "Moi (Je Ne Suis Plus Rien)" recorded by Sylvie Vartan (1967), in German as "Du" recorded by Mary Roos (1972), in Greek as "Agapi (Love)" recorded by Marinella for her 1992 album "I Marinella Tragouda Megales Kyries", in Romanian as "Eu, Care Nu Am Nimic" recorded by Aurelian Andreescu for his 1974 self-titled album, and in Spanish as "Uno de tantos" recorded by Enrique Guzmán (1963).