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einai              agapis              tragoudi              agapo              stin              erotas              stigmes              koritsia              apopse              mousiki              erota              hronia              agapes              koritsi              megales              chronia              kosmou              epitihies              kardias              eimai              kardia              paradisou              giati              stigmi              afto              ellada              prosopo              tipota              mazi              nihta              nisam              pragmata              makria              asteri              stous              apenanti              nyhta              kalimera              irthe              agapas              nychta              poios              krata              rantevou              simera              paidi              fotia              oneira              psihi              dodeka             

Examples of "tragoudia"
• Paixe Paliatso Ta Tragoudia Sou Telionoun – 1997
His lyrics are collected in the book "Ola ta tragoudia" (Patakis, 1999).
Marinella - 14 Apo ta oreotera tragoudia mou (Greek: "Μαρινέλλα - 14 Από τα ωραιότερα τραγούδια μου"; ) is a compilation of recordings by popular Greek singer Marinella, under the PolyGram Records - Philips series ""14 Apo Ta Oreotera Tragoudia Mou"" or ""16 Apo Ta Oreotera Tragoudia Mou"". This album is part of the compilation. It was released in 1987 in Greece and includes 14 recordings by Marinella from 1976 - 1985 for the PolyGram Records.
A-side: "O fantaros", Haris Alexiou (M. Loizos, M. Rasoulis), from the LP "Ta tragoudia tis Haroulas"
Marinella - Ta oreotera tragoudia mou (Greek: "Μαρινέλλα - Τα ωραιότερα τραγούδια μου"; ) is a compilation of recordings by popular Greek singer Marinella, under the PolyGram Records - Philips series ""Ta Oreotera Tragoudia Mou"". This album is part of the compilation. It was released in 1974 in Greece and includes 14 recordings by Marinella from 1967 - 1972 for the PolyGram Records.
His work includes arranging for multi-platinum albums (Eleftheria Arvanitaki – Ola Sto Fos) – (George Dalaras – Sta tragoudia pou sou grafo)
14 Megala Tragoudia (Greek: "14 μεγάλα τραγούδια"; English: "14 great songs") is a compilation album by popular Greek singer Despina Vandi containing some of her most successful singles under the EMI Music Greece label (with whom she was signed from her debut in 1994 until 2000). It was part of a CD collection with the general title "14 Megala Tragoudia".
"Tria Tragoudia" (Three Songs) is the third EP by Greek artist Eleftheria Arvanitaki that was released in 2004. It was certified Gold by the IFPI.
The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein is a 2001 film. In Greece the film is known as "Ta tragoudia trelas tis Fernanda Hussein".
In April 2011, he released his new album "Ta dika mas Tragoudia" with Dimitris Mitropanos and Paschalis Terzis featuring 2 tracks. Music belongs to him and lyrics to lawyer Vasilis Kapernaros. It is a soft - rock album dealing with social matters such as drug use and political corruption. It is considered to be one of his best albums. "Me pire i nichta angalia" is the first single, while "Ta dika mas tragoudia" follows.
At the end of 2003, Mando recorded a new double album with Alpha records called "Oi agapes fevgoun, ta tragoudia menoun" (The loves are gone by, the songs remain).
In 1998, Apostolos recorded and released "Magia mou pou 'me Paoktzis," a two-track ode to the Thessaloniki soccer team PAOK. In April 1999, Apostolos released "Allagi Frouras," a collection of laika tragoudia with a decidedly contemporary feel.
Ta Kalitera Mou Tragoudia is the title of a 1980 greatest hits album by Anna Vissi. It was released in Greece and Cyprus by Minos after her departure from the label and having signed with EMI Columbia Greece.
The fourth album was recorded in 1993, titled "9 Πληρωμένα τραγούδια" (9 Pliromena tragoudia - "9 Paid Songs", or "9 Filled Songs" depending on context). A live performance at Lykavittos gathers a record-setting 10.000 people.
Laïkó (, , "song of the people"; "popular song", pl: "laïká" ["tragoudia"]), is a Greek music genre composed in Greek language in accordance with the tradition of the Greek people. Also called "folk song" or "urban folk music" (Gr: αστική λαϊκή μουσική or λαϊκά τραγούδια "laïká tragoudia"), in its plural form is a Greek music genre which has taken many forms over the years. Laïkó followed after the commercialization of rebetiko music. It was strong dominated by Greek folk music and is used to describe the whole of the Greek popular music. When used in context it refers mostly to the form it took in the period from the 1950s to the 1980s.
With the newly celebrated continuity of culture and history came recognition of the continuity of the spoken language, and a new respect for demotic as the true voice of an ancient nation emerging from a time of trials. The poet Kostis Palamas later wrote that Politis' folklore studies had revealed "the fragmented face of the national soul under the masks that [changing] times have forced it to wear". It was around this time that folk-songs gradually ceased to be called "tragoudia ethnika" (national songs) and became known as "dimotika tragoudia" (demotic songs), explicitly linking the survival of the 'national soul' with demotic, and not with "katharevousa".
"Tragoudia Gia Tous Mines: The Third Side" (Songs For the Months: The Third Side) is an EP by Greek artist Eleftheria Arvanitaki that was released in 2000. It was a free collector's CD given away with the January 2000 issue of Difono magazine. The material was recorded during rehearsals for the "Tragoudia Gia Tous Mines" album, making it the unofficially "third side" of the album. However the album is recognized as an official release as revealed in the discography section of her official site.
In 2011, Christoforou performed live at Arhitektoniki with Eleni Dimou. From September 2011 to January 2012, Christoforou took part in the TV show "Dancing on Ice," aired by Antenna TV in Greece. In 2013 and 2014 he performed in the show "Ola eginan tragoudia" with Despina Olympiou. Since 2015 he is a judge on MEGA Channel Cyprus kid's talent show "DanSing Junior".
Oi Agapes Fevgoun, Ta Tragoudia Menoun is the eleventh studio album by Mando. It was released in December 2003 and has gone Platinum in Greece. It is a double CD; on the first CD, Mando sings old Greek successful songs and on the second CD, she performs five new songs.
In 2005, she participated in the Greek tragedy play "Oedipus Rex" in Epidaurus, as a member of the "Chorus" led by George Dalaras. In 2008, she took part in a concert titled "Kyklamina" ("Cyclamens") in which she performed a series of songs called "Tragoudia tis Ksenitias" ("Songs of Emigration") along with George Kotsinis in Aristi, Epirus.