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pourtant              mensonges              endroit              riens              maintenant              vont              guerriers              ainsi              angoisses              mourir              seulement              vrai              journaux              dessinateurs              vouloir              mangez              parlait              nuls              acteurs              trompettes              quarante              echec              traduits              reproche              stupeur              celui              amours              bottes              reviens              raconte              vingt              mythes              vivait              calme              sodome              vrais              etait              douleur              erreurs              amoureuses              chiere              sauver              cendres              soudain              eurent              messieurs              manigance              envers              oubli              enfin             

Examples of "trahisons"
The brother of François Le Métel de Boisrobert, d’Ouville had some comedies presented, less remarkable for their versification than by the plot, among others "les Trahisons d’Abhiran", a tragicomedy successfully given in 1637.
The term is a shortened version of the expression "false friend of a translator", the French version of which ("faux amis du traducteur") was introduced by linguists Maxime Kœssler and Jules Derocquigny in 1928, in the book "Les Faux Amis ou les trahisons du vocabulaire anglais" ("False Friends, or the Pitfalls of the English Vocabulary", with a sequel, "Autres Mots anglais perfides").
Three tracks appeared in Hans Canosa's 2005 American film "Conversations with Other Women" ("J'en connais", "Le plus beau du quartier", and "L'excessive"), and the song "Le plus beau du quartier" was used in H&M's Christmas 2006 commercial. The title track was played over the closing credits of "Mensonges et trahisons et plus si affinités...", included on the "(500) Days of Summer" soundtrack released in 2009, and appeared in the 2010 Carte d'Or Muffin commercial. The song "Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre" also appeared in an episode of "Skins", series 3.
His criticism, while acknowledging that morality is historically relative, was thus values-based. "Writers can make men "feel", not merely see, the values that endure." Believing that too many modern writers encouraged men and women to flee to unreason, decadence and barbarism, he condemned the "trahisons des clercs" of the twentieth century, and used his lectures and writing to campaign for a responsible use of intellectual freedom. "One may question whether real civilisation is so safely afloat," he wrote in his last published letter (1966), "that we can afford to use our pens for boring holes in the bottom of it." The writer or artist serving up "slapdash nightmares out of his Unconscious", "in an age morbidly avid of uncivilised irreticence", not only exhibited his own neuroses, but fed neurosis in others. Literary critics, too, had to take more responsibility. "Much cant gets talked," he noted of the Structuralists, "by critics who care more for the form and organisation of a work than for its spirit, its content, its supreme moments." The serious note in his criticism was counterbalanced by wit and urbanity, by lively anecdote and quotation, and by a gift for startling imagery and epigram.