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Examples of "trailerable"
in 1976 Davidson designed "Fun", a trailerable Quarter Ton yacht.
Corsair Marine International is a sailboat builder that builds trailerable trimarans.
MacGregor Yacht Co. was founded by Roger MacGregor as part of a Stanford University MBA class project in the early 1960s. The company was in business until early 2013, having been succeeded by Tattoo Yachts. MacGregor produced primarily small, trailerable sailing yachts, from a catamaran to pocket cruisers, up to water ballasted trailerable sizes. MacGregor has also built a catamaran, and a yacht. The final model produced was the MacGregor 26M, a trailerable sailboat, which is now under production as the Tattoo 26. The 26M had the ability to mount up to a outboard motor.
Buccaneer 28 was a trailerable trimaran sailboat designed by Lock Crowther. It featured an auxiliary 9HP outboard motor.
Typical length-to-beam ratios for small sailboats are from 2:1 (dinghies to trailerable sailboats around ) to 5:1 (racing sailboats over ).
While they are mostly known for powerboats, they also built sailboats in the mid-1970s. They built a 22-foot and a 26 model that were both trailerable.
The Beachcomber 6.5 is a semi-round bilge glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) trailerable keelboat designed and built in New Zealand 1970 to 1980 by Hart Brothers Marine.
By 1969 the Coronado 27 and 30 foot models were being produced. Butler remained with Whitaker for only one year then left due to disagreements with management at Whitaker over the production of a trailerable 22 foot boat with a movable keel. Butler went on to found Catalina Yachts, currently the largest sailboat manufacturer in the world, with his first product being the trailerable 22 foot boat with a movable keel.
The Avalon 8.2 folding trimaran is a trailerable fast cruising and racing sailboat designed by Ray Kendrick. It is sold in plan form.
Sidney has a well maintained boat ramp for trailerable boats with a dock for queuing up, it is located next to the Washington state ferry terminal.
Operated by the James Bay Anglers at Ogden Point there is a boat ramp for trailerable boats and is open to the public for use.
The Newport 16 was later modified by enlarging the cabin top and renamed the Neptune 16. These came in fixed keel as well as a trailerable swing keel versions.
At Fleming beach in Fleming Bay there is a well maintained boat ramp for trailerable boats with docks for queuing up, it is run by the Esquimalt Anglers Association.
Some cat boats in current use include the Beetle Cat, the Redden Catboat, the Nonsuch, the Inland Cat, the Zijlsloep. the Cape Cod Cat Com-Pac Trailerable, Marshal Menger, and the ABPY cat boat.
Several manufacturers build trimarans in which the floats can be removed, repositioned, or folded near to the main hull. This allows them to be trailerable and/or to fit in a normal monohull space in a marina.
After producing a range of 16, 20 and 23 foot trailerable sailboats under the "Matilda" name, in 1973 Ouyang introduced the Aloha 28. Designed by Ted Brewer and Robert Wallstrom, it featured an outboard rudder.
The Sandpiper 565 is trailerable sailboat that was designed by the British-based Portuguese naval architect Leonardo da Costa Sayago and first built in 1972. The design is out of production.
The Farrier Trailertri 18 is a trailerable 1976 trimaran sailboat designed by Ian Farrier that was sold in plan form, targeted at owner builders assembling from marine plywood, and marketed as a day sailer.
The Etchells is a fiberglass boat with aluminum spars; it has no electrical systems or auxiliary power. It is trailerable and light enough to drysail. The materials and techniques used in her construction make her easy to maintain and repair.
In 1975, Bill Crealock designed the longest, lightest, trailerable Masthead ketch sailboat ever built, the Clipper Marine 32 Aft Cabin Ketch coastal diesel cruiser racer. About 100 of these sailboats were built in 1975 and 76, and many still sail the waters of the world today. CM32's had an 8-foot beam and 4,500 displament, were supplied with a two or three axle trailer that could be pulled by the family vehicle, put his design in the record books. A heavier displacement blue water CM32 was also built, and was also trailerable, sold in an aft cockpit single mast sloop. A smaller designed CM 30, a 30-foot motorsailor was also offered.