Synonyms for traso or Related words with traso

gitanillo              metellos              cieneguillas              menacent              tarouquela              reddito              regedoura              ouroeste              capergnanica              francisquet              ritrovamento              adesio              jaboticatubas              pontboset              negrilhos              intessa              badamalos              guierche              aregos              sardoura              transformatione              bastidonne              chorente              juanqui              titolate              teutile              martinchel              zagarise              aroitia              edecio              joselillo              torredemer              fervidelas              guayapae              narrillos              inconforme              spucches              decisiva              bienfaisante              jarmelo              comparse              paranho              hurbache              platanares              psichiatrica              declarados              blello              friande              pratiglione              itsasondo             

Examples of "traso"
The municipality of Bargagli contains the "frazioni" (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Cisiano, Maxena, Terrusso, Traso, and Viganego.
Ripatransone is on a hill called "Cuprae Mons" ("Mountain of Cupra", an ancient deity) in the past, and was a Picene settlement. The modern name comes probably from "Ripa Trasonis", "Hill of Traso", from the name of the first feudal lord. The castle was erected there in the early Middle Ages, and enlarged later by the bishops of Fermo, who had several conflicts with the people.
In 1526 a version was published in Toledo that included an extra act called the Acto de Traso, named after one of the characters who appears in that act. It became Act XIX of the work, bring the total number of acts to 22. According to the 1965 edition of the play edited by M. Criado de Val and G. D. Trotter, “Its literary value does not have the intensity necessary to grant it a permanent place in the structure of the book, although various ancient editions of the play include it.”