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Examples of "treccani_encyclopedia"
Entry in Treccani Encyclopedia by Michele Gottardi.
After preparing the entries on semiotics of the "Treccani" encyclopedia and publishing the short volume "Minisemantica" (1982), De Mauro turned to the problem of linguistic education.
Eugenio Miccini has collaborated as expert of semiotic matter to the Cathedra Strumenti e Tecniche della comunicazione visiva of the University of Florence (Architecture Faculty). He was teaching Contemporary Art History in the fine art academies of Verona e Ravenna. Miccini's work is included in the Italian Treccani Encyclopedia and was object of doctoral research also at University La Sorbonne of Paris and at the University of Belgrade. He is included in anthologies and school books in Italy, such as "Storia dell'Arte Italiana", by Carlo Bertelli, Giuliano Briganti, Antonio Giuliano, Electa – Bruno Mondadori.
In 1976 Cavellini made a new "Exhibition at Home", publishing his diary of the previous year. At the beginning of 1976 art critic Hans Mayer set up an exhibition about the artist in Düsseldorf, which was then replicated in Paris, Brussels and Basel. Luciano Inga Pin, director of the Diagramma Gallery of Milan, brought the Mayer exhibition into his gallery, and in this occasion Cavellini again wrote his story on the body of Marco Lucchetti, in front of critics Gillo Dorfles and Filiberto Menna. The "Panorama" magazine published a picture of Cavellini during the performance, then Paolo Mosca, director of the Italian edition of "Playboy", decided to publish an interview of the artist and on that day Cavellini writes the story on the body of a Playboy model. He then mailed 200 copies of the magazine as a work of mail art. On 9 April 1976 he traveled to Belgrade, Serbia to participate in the inauguration of an exhibition at the Students' Cultural Center. In the same year he was also visited by Eugen Drăguţescu who was working for the Treccani encyclopedia.