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tragouda              erotas              einai              megales              giati              pethaino              tzeni              voskopoulos              agapes              stous              eimai              natassa              agapo              mporo              erota              alkistis              stigmi              protopsalti              tragoudi              paizeis              apopse              psihi              epitihies              eheis              stigmes              nihta              kalimera              pseftis              ksipoliti              krelani              stin              sitnije              diakopes              koritsia              eikones              kravgi              erastis              ziteitai              christougenna              midenistis              mousiki              kardia              galazio              chronia              galani              feggari              hronia              tvoja              oneira              melisses             

Examples of "treli"
In December 2004 Solovyov featured as a solo singer in his first CD-album "Solovyinye Treli" (Nightingale Warbles).
Treli politelias or Treloi polyteleias () is a 1963 Greek film directed by Stefanos Fotiadis and starring Giorgos Pantzas, Mimis Fotopoulos and Giannis Gkionakis.
In the music video for "Anapandites Kliseis", Paparizou is in a club with a number of other people, all dancing. Paparizou is seen dancing around and singing multiple times throughout the video. She is calling someone but cannot get an answer. In addition to the title track, a music video for "Treli Kardia" was also made.
"Protereotita" marked Paparizou's first solo-album after her break-up with Antique. Released in June 2004, the album included five singles: "Anapantites Kliseis", "Treli Kardia", "Katse Kala", "Anditheseis" and "Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi", which were released as either CD singles or radio single.
On 27 June 2004, Elena Paparizou released her debut solo album "Protereotita", from which the tracks "Anditheseis", "Katse Kala" and "Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi" were released as singles. It received mixed reviews from critics. The album earned Paparizou her first Arion Award for Best Female Pop Singer, and the videos for "Katse Kala" and "Treli Kardia" won her MAD Awards for Best Female Video and Best Direction, respectively.
Treli Kardia ("Crazy Heart") is the second single from Elena Paparizou as a solo singer. The song is featured on the CD Single "Anapandites Kliseis" which was released on December 28, 2003 and also at Paparizou's first solo album "Protereotita" released in June 2004.The song became a big radio hit in all Greek radio stations as long as many Swedish singers wanted to cover the song into their language in 2010.
The first single to be released from the original album "Protereotita" was "Anapandites Kliseis". "Anapantites Kliseis"' was double A-side single with "Treli Kardia." The single peaked at number 1 for a successful 6 weeks. After the release of the CD single a number of singles (video clips) followed throughout the year. The first being "Katse Kala", which was followed by "Antitheseis" then the last being "Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi". Then, "Anamnisis" was released as a radio-promo-only single.
Paparizou has written two tracks on all of her studio albums except "Iparhi Logos"; she also wrote the lyrics of the Antique song "Why?". These writing ventures were mostly collaborations with at least one other songwriter. She contributed lyrics to "Treli Kardia" ("Protereotita"), "Carpe Diem" and "Teardrops" ("The Game of Love"), and "Mathe Prota N'agapas" ("Vrisko To Logo Na Zo"), while she made her first musical contributions to "Vrisko To Logo Na Zo", "Den Tha 'Mai 'Do" and "Filarakia" ("Giro Apo T' Oneiro")her first solo writing credit.
In late 2003, Elena Paparizou signed a solo recording contract with Sony Music and released her debut single "Anapandites Kliseis", as a double A-side with "Treli Kardia". The release reached number one on the Greek Top 50 Singles Chart and was certified Gold by IFPI Greece. From late 2003, Elena was the opening act for various artists across Greece, including Antonis Remos and Giannis Spanos, Apostolia Zoi, Nino, Thanos Petrelis, Sakis Rouvas and Giorgos Mazonakis. Later in 2004, the video of "Anapandites Kliseis" won her a MAD Video Music Award for Best Dance Video, and was nominated for Best Video by a New Artist. At the award ceremony, Elena sang a duet of the song with its writer Christos Dantis.