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Examples of "treusch"
Horst Freiherr Treusch von Buttlar-Brandenfels (2 September 1900 – 8 January 1990) was a German general during World War II, commonly referred to as Treusch, but also as Buttlar-Brandenfels.
Freiherr Horst Julius Treusch von Buttlar-Brandenfels (14 June 1888 – 3 September 1962) was a German general. "Freiherr", which equals "Baron", was his title of nobility.
Buttlar (also Butler, Buttler or Treusch von Buttlar) is the name of an old Upper Franconian-Hessian noble family. The lords of von Buttlar originate from the ancient nobility (German: "uradel") of Buchonia. Branches of the family also reached Westphalia, Saxony, Prussia, Curonia, France, Poland, Russia and Hungary, and remain partly to this day. The Buttlar and Treusch von Buttlar families of Hessen has since 1660 belonged to the Old Hessian Knighthood, the oldest foundation in Hessen.
On January 1, 2013, Dr. Peitgen took over as President of Jacobs University (Former International University Bremen), Bremen, Germany. He was successor of former President Joachim Treusch. He resigned from the post at the end of 2013.
In 1944, Treusch was Army Operations Chief (OKW Major-General); he played a major role in not releasing the Panzer reserves (Panzer Lehr and the 12th SS Division) which had been requested by Gerd von Rundstedt. Rundstedt was Generalfeldmarschall of the German army during the initial Normandy landings by Allied troops.
In 1383, the Treusch von Buttlar were lords of Willershausen and adjacent areas. Already at the end of the 13th Century, the residential tower and the defensive tower of the present castle were built. The Treusch von Buttlar were the owners until the 1757. The castle came to the von Kutzleben family and the Schwebheim branch of the von Bibra family in 1757. The estate was divided between the two families on 27 September 1817. Ernst von Bibra sold their portion in 1850 to Landgrave Carl August of Hesse. From 1889 to 1992 the Landgraves of Hesse were owner of the property. Today, a golf course is maintained. The church in Willershausen is worth seeing.
The new Ars Electronica Center, which was designed by Treusch architecture ZT GmbH, opened its doors on 2 January 2009 after roughly two years of construction work and an approximate cost of 30 million Euros. It now has 3000 square meters for exhibitions, 100m2 for research and development, 400m2 for workshops and conferences, 650m2 for catering and another 1000m2 square meters of public space for various types of events, e.g. Red Bull Upside Down on 12 February 2010.
Since 10 February 2014, Katja Windt has been President of Jacobs University. She succeeded Prof. Dr. Heinz-Otto Peitgen who was President for only one year, from 1 January 2013 until his early departure at the end of 2013, following his resignation. His predecessor Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Joachim Treusch succeeded the University’s founding President Dr. Fritz Schaumann on 1 July 2006. Since January 2008 Prof. Dr. Karin Lochte, Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, is Chair of the Board of Governors.
Jacques Guarrigue-Lefèvre is the founder, owner and current president of Paris Élysée, a private club based in Paris. He is one of the numerous great-nephews of Baron of Buttlar-Bradenfels, Hans Treusch. He started as a fashion designer. He was born on 13 July 1961, near Düsseldorf, Germany, to French parents. He moved to Paris in 1965. There he studied art and architecture and collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld’s team for a few years. He then moved on to work with Helmut Lang’s society until he became head of his own label, Cardino, in 1985. He indeed founded his own house in the same year and began with haute couture in 1986.
By May 1999, the "Text Reading Machine" — a reading marathon that extended over several years — was staged in Juliette's Literature Salon. Numerous writers, theorists, artists and musicians read and consecutively interpreted the 4,000–page novel "Justine" and "Juliette" by the Marquis de Sade in its entirety, which was first published in German by Matthes & Seitz in 10 volumes. Among them were Blixa Bargeld, Durs Grünbein, Katharina Thalbach, Hermann Treusch, Thomas Macho, Gerburg Treusch-Dieter, Martin Wuttke, Harry Hass, Andreas L. Hofbauer, Kang Moon-suk with Uwe Mengel, Heinrich Dubel, Peer Martiny, Ben Becker, Julia Regehr, Peter Brasch, Olaf Nicolai and Eshu, Michael Farin, Angela Winkler and Thomas Brasch, Thomas Kapielski, Lauren Newton with Koho Mori-Newton and Hendrik Rohlf, Friedrich Kittler, Miron Zownir, Thea Dorn, MiJuliette’schael Pfister, Ambros Waibel, Stefan Hufschmidt, Katharina Franck, Andrea Jeremiah and Harald Koch, Ulrike Haage, Thomas Thieme, Cora Chilcott, Anna Stieblich and Henry Meyer, Franca Kastein Ferrera Alves, Rosa von Praunheim, Slavoj Zizek, Richard Shusterman, Jack Sergeant, Susan Neiman, Y. Michal Bodemann, Pierre Bourgeade, Pavel Kohout and numerous other performers.