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Examples of "trihs"
At one time, Der Trihs was a tactical genius. He served as a junior lieutenant during the Celeschul Terraforming Wars. He spent most of that time in the war room, tweaking Commodore Knutsov's plans, thereby saving a lot of lives, including Tagon's. The two served together for a time until Tagon won a shipstead with the Merchanter-At-Arms and Der Trihs joined Spec Ops. When Tagon started the Toughs, he hired Der Trihs, who had retired because a Borthwog torturer ate part of his brain, hence his current incompetence. In the January 1, 2006 strip, it was revealed that the real reason for his incompetence was that when he went into Spec Ops, he volunteered for an elite intel unit, and the military's surgeons attempted to "upgrade" his brain. When the operation appeared to have failed, the "Borthwog Torturer eating part of his brain" story was implanted into his memory as a cover. In reality, the operation "did" upgrade his brain, so that now he is able to solve any riddle, that includes sufficient data to a solution, instantaneously, though accompanied by a twinge of pain in his head. He discovered this only during Schlocktoberfest 2005, while helping the incompetent police force on Mahuitalotu find out where the giant sharks were coming from. Der Trihs has since resigned from Tagon's Toughs (probably his last laugh) and now works as a consultant for said police force.
Ennesby is most important character of all Toughs' artificial intelligences. He loves really bad puns, obscene gestures involving the finger (although he and Der Trihs had a really bad time involving singular fingers for a while later), winning at chess, his own freedom, smartassery, and especially any conjunction thereof. He has a weapons-grade vocabulary.
Leader of Tagon's Toughs' second strike team, Shodan is also responsible for training the mercenaries in hand-to-hand combat. While he handled leadership of the mercenary company when Tagon, Kevyn, and Der Trihs were all incapacitated or in jail, there is no indication that he will be handed any other promotions in the future.
Der Trihs' name is "red shirt" spelled backwards, a reference to the red-shirted and highly-expendable security personnel from the . Though promoted to officer status, he has no particular competence or value, and is simply an officer because of his long-time membership in the company and because of his history with Captain Tagon. He's found his way into a head-jar on no fewer than three occasions.