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trinket              jewelries              curios              keepsakes              snuffboxes              knickknacks              brooches              paperweights              jewelery              lockets              mementos              collectables              collectibles              charms              necklaces              rhinestones              souvenirs              keychains              heirlooms              figurines              amulets              chinaware              jewels              collectable              jewellry              cabochons              paperweight              teapots              accoutrements              lunchboxes              billfolds              tankards              mugs              jeweled              valuables              adornments              priceless              playthings              jewellery              barware              ornaments              merchandises              teacups              vases              collectible              childztoyz              earrings              stationeries              keepsake              hoards             

Examples of "trinkets"
The trinkets that Jennings received as payment are as follows:
Northumbrian settlers were recycling old bronze coins and making trinkets to
In some places, the " is replaced by , also baked with trinkets inside.
According to Xinhua, more than 60% of Christmas trinkets worldwide in 2013 came from Yiwu.
The museum also has a small shop that sells calendars and trinkets.
The temple sells trinkets to visitors and the monks assist by storing boxes of items in their main prayer hall.
Some arcades give tickets from their many machines which can be exchanged for small trinkets, toys and other prizes.
Zone Three. Chinese ethnic minority arts and crafts, trinkets, antiques and apparel. Many of these traders are from Tibet.
Valas wears a shirt of chain mail which is enchanted to give him great agility and balance. Over this, he wears a vest to which are pinned a large number of magical trinkets pilfered from his victims over the years. The trinkets have various magical powers from creating illusionary images of himself to forming dimensional doors for a quick escape.
""Grandmother, Dear, That trader was harsh: but this one is pleasant and soft spoken and we will give this bowl to him and get the trinkets.""
Lizardite is named after its type locality on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, UK. It is worked by local artisans into various trinkets which are sold to tourists.
Trinkets and Things is an album of duets by pianist Joanne Brackeen and guitarist Ryo Kawasaki recorded in 1978 and released on the Danish Timeless label.
This boardwalk is largely a tourist attraction. In fact, it is widely used for common shops where tourists can purchase souvenirs and trinkets to remember their trip.
The Barber Shop also offered small souvenirs and collectibles for purchase, including postcards, White Star branded trinkets, tobacco, dolls, penknives, and hats.
Deutchman also questions the value of Hillel volunteers giving out trinkets, such as kazoos, to students who listen to a spiel about Hillel.
Nizar Nawar was not considered religious, as he drank and wore un-Islamic clothing, while traveling to Libya to purchase cheap trinkets that he sold in Tunisian markets.
The name comes from the luckenbooths of Edinburgh where jewellery and trinkets used to be sold, including this type of brooch.
A charm bracelet is an item of jewellery worn around the wrist. It carries personal "charms": decorative pendants or trinkets which signify important things in the wearer's life.
Elaith is a prodigious collector of magical items, so his entire inventory would be impossible to note. His more notable magical trinkets are as follows:
Sailors also had a culture of items or practices that were believed to bring good luck, or trinkets to ward off bad luck or the evil eye.