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burladingen              schrozberg              herzogtum              freystadt              gersdorf              billigheim              kranichfeld              greifenstein              leisnig              umstadt              obersontheim              treffurt              klettenberg              geisingen              wolfach              stadtlengsfeld              lenningen              hochstetten              thedinghausen              lichtenau              sulz              burgruine              schleusingen              horstmar              bodenwerder              brensbach              pegau              grimmen              schwalenberg              kipfenberg              wolfhagen              oelsnitz              wilhelmsdorf              gomadingen              herbolzheim              bretzfeld              illingen              rothenfels              betzenstein              hilpoltstein              wilkau              grafschaft              altensteig              wildeshausen              winningen              grafenau              altenstadt              inzigkofen              kaufungen              stadtoldendorf             

Examples of "trochtelfingen"
Pfullingen, Lichtenstein, Engstingen, Trochtelfingen, Burladingen¹, Mössingen² and Reutlingen.
Smaller exclaves included the cities of Trochtelfingen and Hayingen.
Pfronstetten (Reutlingen (district)) Langenenslingen ( Biberach (district)) Hettingen, Neufra, Burladingen (Zollernalbkreis), Trochtelfingen (Reutlingen (district)).
Trochtelfingen is a town in the district of Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated 20 km south of Reutlingen.
Since the mid 1990s, the now civilian land is jointly used as a business park by the surrounding communities Engstingen, Hohenstein and Trochtelfingen.
On the grounds of the former Eberhard Finck barracks municipalities Engstingen, Hohenstein and Trochtelfingen who founded in 1994 the industrial park Haid.
Lichtenstein, St. Johann, Sonnenbühl, Gomadingen, Trochtelfingen and Hohenstein. The municipality Engstingen teamed-up with the municipality Hohenstein to an Joint Management Community ("Verwaltungsgemeinschaft").
The family fractured further into a number of cadet branches. The line of Werdenberg-Heiligenberg-Sigmaringen-Trochtelfingen remained influential in the early 16th century in the context of the Swabian League but was extinct in 1534.
Bopfingen is a small city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated in the Ostalbkreis, between Aalen and Nördlingen. It consists of the city Bopfingen itself and its suburbs Aufhausen, Baldern, Flochberg, Kerkingen, Oberdorf, Schloßberg, Trochtelfingen, and Unterriffingen.
The distribution area of the "Swabian post" includes the county seat Aalen with suburbs "Unterkochen", "Ebnat", "Waldhausen", "Dewangen", "Wasseralfingen", "Mayrhofen" and "Fachsenfeld", the municipality of Abtsgmuend with its district of Untergröningen, Ellwangen with the suburbs of "Schrezheim", "Rindelbach", "Röhlingen" and "Pfahlheim", Bopfingen with the suburbs of "Unterriffingen", "Trochtelfingen", "Aufhausen", "Oberdorf", "Kerkingen" and "Baldern", Neresheim with the suburbs of "Elchingen", "Dorfmerkingen", "Kösingen", "Stetten", "Schweindorf", "Hohlenstein" and "Ohmenheim", Lauchheim with suburbs "Rottingen" and "Hülen", Oberkochen, Kirchheim am Ries and Riesbürg.
Located northeast of the village was an eponymous castle, the ancestral home of the House of Deggenhausen which has been attested to the period 1137-1314. After the Deggenhausen family became extinct, the region passed to the Lords of Markdorf, who later sold it to the Prince-Bishopric of Constance. In 1483 the prince-bishopric in turn sold the region to the Counts of Werdenberg-Heiligenberg. After the extinction of the line Werdenberg-Heiligenberg-Sigmaringen-Trochtelfingen in 1534, Deggenhausen passed to the Counts of Fürstenberg.
The identity of the first wife is uncertain. Martin Crucius thought she may have been Adelaide of Werdenberg-Heiligenberg from Sigmaringen. Other authors think that she was a member of the noble Hohenberg family, but they may be confused with Matilda of Hohenberg, who married his son and successor Ulrich III. A third theory holds that she was a daughter of the Dukes of Teck. The fact that his son Ulrich III acquired Sigmaringen in 1325 and that his daughter Agnes married Count Henry of Werdenberg-Sargans-Trochtelfingen both point to a close relationship between Eberhard and the Werdenberg dynasty.
In several clashes over the next few days, Murat's pursuit mopped up most of Werneck's corps and other fleeing units. The French clashed with Feldmarschall-Leutnant Prince of Hohenzollern-Hechingen's division at Langenau on 16 October. The next day, Murat and Dupont cut General-Major Rudolf Sinzendorf's brigade to pieces at Herbrechtingen, capturing 2,500 Austrians. On 18 October, Murat and Ney forced Werneck to capitulate with 15,000 soldiers and 28 artillery pieces at Trochtelfingen. Only Archduke Ferdinand, Prince Hohenzollern, Schwarzenberg, Feldmarschall-Leutnant Ignaz Gyulai and 12 squadrons of cavalry escaped into Bohemia. Far to the south, the French eliminated another fragment of the shattered Austrian army when Jellacic surrendered 4,000 men to Marshal Pierre Augereau's 15,000-man VII Corps at Dornbirn on 13 November. In 1808 Napoleon bestowed the title, the Duke of Elchingen upon Ney as a reward for his victory.