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Examples of "troff"
Troff lives in West Jordan, Utah with his parents, Kim and Daniel, sister Brynndi and brothers Jeremy and Zachary Troff.
Heirloom troff, an OpenType-compatible (and open-source) version of UNIX troff, also supports protrusion, kerning and tracking.
Part of the troff suite of Unix document layout tools, tbl is a preprocessor that formats tables in preparation for processing with troff/nroff.
This is just a summary of tbl syntax, which can vary in small details from implementation to implementation. GNU troff (groff), Heirloom troff, and mandoc contain tbl implementations.
refer is a program for managing bibliographic references, and citing them in troff documents. It is implemented as a troff preprocessor.
"troff" features commands to designate fonts, spacing, paragraphs, margins, footnotes and more. Unlike many other text formatters, "troff" can position characters arbitrarily on a page, even overlapping them, and has a fully programmable input language. Separate preprocessors are used for more convenient production of tables, diagrams, and mathematics. Inputs to troff are plain text files that can be created by any text editor.
With "troff" came "nroff" (they were actually almost the same program), which was for producing output for line printers and character terminals. It understood everything "troff" did, and ignored the commands which were not applicable, e.g., font changes.
Groff (pronounced "gee-roff") (also called GNU troff) is a typesetting system that creates formatted output when given plain text mixed with formatting commands. It is the GNU replacement for the troff and nroff text formatters.
For example, to kill all instances of troff, one types:
Troff the Pig and Scoff the Hippopotamus are animals who originated in "Donkey Kong 64". When Scoff is fed a specific amount of bananas, he will lift Troff to reach the key to the boss door.
Kayden William Troff (born 6 May 1998) is a United States chess grandmaster.
Troff won the world championship for ages 14 and under in Maribor, Slovenia, in 2012.
When Tymmon realizes that Troff can pose as a dog, he and Troff leave the forest together. As they travel, Tymmon sees the poverty and suffering of peasants ravaged by feudalistic greed. In the city he discovers that with his talent for music and joking, inherited from his father, he and Troff can make people happy. Beyond that, performing enables him to communicate with people from all walks of life.
In June 2014, Troff became US Junior Chess Champion scoring 7/9 points.
When they needed a more flexible language, a new version of "roff" called nroff ("newer "roff"") was written, which provided the basis for all future versions. When they got a Graphic Systems CAT phototypesetter, Ossanna modified "nroff" to support multiple fonts and proportional spacing. Dubbed "troff", for "typesetter roff", its sophisticated output amazed the typesetter manufacturer and confused peer reviewers, who thought that manuscripts using "troff" had been published before. As such, the name "troff" is pronounced rather than *.
The "troff" collection of tools (including pre- and post-processors) was eventually called "Documenter's WorkBench" (DWB), and was under continuous development in Bell Labs and later at the spin-off Unix System Laboratories (USL) through 1994. At that time, SoftQuad took over the maintenance, although Brian Kernighan continued to improve "troff" on his own. Thus, there are at least the following variants of the original Bell Labs "troff" in use:
Ossanna's "troff" was written in PDP-11 assembly language and produced output specifically for the CAT phototypesetter. He rewrote it in C, although it was now 7000 lines of uncommented code and still dependent on the CAT. As the CAT became less common, and was no longer supported by the manufacturer, the need to make it support other devices became a priority. Ossanna died before this task was completed, so Brian Kernighan took on the task of rewriting "troff". The newly rewritten version produced a device-independent code which was very easy for post-processors to read and translate to the appropriate printer codes. Also, this new version of "troff" (often called ditroff for "device independent troff") had several extensions, which included drawing functions. The program's documentation defines the output format of "ditroff", which is used by many modern "troff" clones like GNU groff.
troff is the major component of a document processing system developed by AT&T Corporation for the Unix operating system.
Documentation for Gemini was done in troff with a project proprietary set of macros or with the Scribe markup language.
Three preprocessors provide "troff" with drawing capabilities by defining a domain-specific language for describing the picture.