Synonyms for troffers or Related words with troffers

downlights              downlighting              troffer              torchiere              downlight              uplight              uplighting              luminare              downlighters              luminarie              lampshades              worklights              lightbulbs              tracklights              wallwash              lampholders              cfls              sconce              circline              floodlight              streetlamps              luminary              ccft              lampholder              arealights              wallwasher              grolux              enlux              edgelit              lumileds              livingcolors              luminaries              lightings              incandescents              metalhalide              uplighter              droplight              wattages              icetron              candelabra              streetlights              lamphouse              diodesleds              luminares              sidelight              ccfls              highbay              relamping              sconces              undercabinet             

Examples of "troffers"
A troffer is a rectangular light fixture that fits into a modular dropped ceiling grid (i.e. 2' by 2' or 2' by 4'). Troffer fixtures have typically been designed to accommodate standard fluorescent lamps (T12, T8, or T5), but are now often designed with integral LED sources. Troffers are typically recessed sitting above the ceiling grid, but are also available in surface mount 'boxes'.