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tsukiyo              hajimete              otona              jikan              inochi              danshi              koibito              wakare              yakusoku              hajimari              kisetsu              chikai              namida              ashita              hitotsu              kakera              maboroshi              honoo              omoide              hanayome              hoshizora              omoi              tameni              shiawase              yoru              taiyou              bokutachi              susume              kamisama              kodoku              nazo              shirushi              yoake              hanashi              onnatachi              watashi              tenshi              kimochi              ichizoku              dekiru              hitori              shiranai              kanashimi              okite              kurashi              gatsu              shijou              hatachi              okurimono              tabidachi             

Examples of "tsugi"
The album's track listing was revealed by Xavier de Rosnay in an interview with "Tsugi" magazine on 5 July 2011.
The song "Atsukunare" was used as the theme song of the NTV Sports Program ""Going! Sports & News"" and was also the image song for the NTV Professional Baseball Live Broadcast ""Tsugi no Shunkan, Atsukunare"".
Foreign Festivals: Calvi On The Rocks Corsica, Montraux Jazz Festival Switzerland, Cannes Music Festival France, Burning Man Nevada USA, Nuitssonores France, Electron Festival Geneva, SXSW Texas USA, Tsugi Festival France.
Two more acquisitions followed later in 2014: Playnomics, a data analysis platform for developers (now Unity Analytics), and Tsugi, who has been working on a continuous integration service, now known as Unity Cloud Build.
"[The] honorable next honorable customer" is also nonstandard "keigo." Purists maintain non-polite words can not be indiscriminately made polite by merely adding "o" or "go" (both prefixes meaning "honorable.") Although "okyaku-sama" (literally "Mr. Honorable Customer") is an accepted form of address of respect to a customer, adding "o" to "tsugi" ("next") is "baito keigo".
The video game "Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi", released by Sunsoft for the Famicom in July 1986 and later ported to other Nintendo platforms, features a firework maker protagonist who must travel the Tōkaidō to visit his fiancee, while thwarting attacks from a rival businessman.
The Japanese authorities soon caught up with him and recaptured him. They imprisoned Thomas and sentenced him to death for his bold proclamation of the faith. In 1627 Thomas Tsugi became a martyr as he was burned to death in Nagasaki, Japan — along with several companions — for the faith. He was heard to proclaim as he died, "Praise the Lord of all nations!"
On January 22, 2014, AKB48 released the album "Tsugi no Ashiato". It reached number one on the weekly Oricon Albums Chart, selling 962,000 copies. The group's 35th single, "Mae shika Mukanee", was released on February 26 and sold 970,413 copies on its first day.
Blessed Thomas Tsugi was born around the year 1571 in Japan, to a wealthy family of Japanese nobility. Educated by the priests of the Society of Jesus at Arima, he joined the order while quite young, around the year 1588. As a Jesuit, Thomas traveled Japan and became very popular as an eloquent and persuasive preacher.
In 2014, his fourth album "Hadès", released under In Paradisum, represents a « new start »: Mondkopf distances himself from pure techno in order to experiment sounds on « the most goth and doom side of the industrial scene » (according to a french journalist from "Tsugi").
On April 1, ℃ute would release their 27th single "The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~ / Gamusha LIFE / Tsugi no Kado wo Magare." This single will be their 10th year anniversary commemoration. On April 2, ℃ute and Country Girls are set to perform at 'forTUNE fes vol.0' along with other artists.
In August 2011, the band announced that its sophomore record, "Audio, Video, Disco", would be released 24 October 2011. In an interview with French magazine "Tsugi", the duo disclosed the 11 song track list of the album, and described it as "a progressive rock record, played by guys that don't know how to play". Around this time label owner and manager Busy P played unreleased material from the album in his shows.
In 2012, The Opilec Music label from Italy released an EP. with three songs written by The Units and remixed by Todd Terje from Norway and I-Robots from Italy. The same year, The Opilec Music label from Italy released two songs by The Units on the "We Are Opilec" compilation. Also the Tsugi Sampler label from France released the "Ivan Smagghe – A Walk In The Woods With Ivan Smagghe" that included a remix of "High Pressure Days" by Todd Terje.
"Tori" approaches "Uke" using . "Tori" and "Uke" grip using a standard right handed sleeve-lapel grip. "Uke" initiates by stepping forward using into . Tori responds by stepping backwards ("tsugi ashi"). "Uke's" balance is compromised and he attempts to regain the advantage by stepping forward again and "Tori" again responds by stepping backwards, further unbalancing "Uke". On "Uke's" second attempt to regain his balance ("i.e." his third step forward), "Tori" breaks rhythm, dropping to his left knee, and throws "Uke" to his rear, pulling with a steering motion.
2015 began with the release of "Imaginary Boogie", a 6 tracks EP on The Trilogy Tapes (London) presented as a failed attempt at producing « boogie-infused » house music. His second album "Sewing Machine" on French label In Paradisum (Paris) marked a decisive step with profile from national press "Libération", as well as rave reviews in specialist music publication like "Fact Magazine", "The Quietus", "Tsugi", "Les Inrockuptibles". According to Philip Sherburne writing for "Pitchfork Media", "Low Jack (aka Philippe Hallais) is one of the more exciting producers to emerge from the experimental techno community".
The game has been ported to numerous other platforms, including the Microsoft Windows operating system as part of the "Ultra2000 Sunsoft Classic games" compilation, which was released on June 29, 2001. The game has also been coupled with "Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi" and "Yūyū Sunsoft kessaku-sen 2" (released July 2, 2004), and was coupled with "Super Arabian" for the PlayStation compilation "Memorial Series Sunsoft Vol. 1". This compilation was also released for the PlayStation Network download service for the PlayStation 3, and also became available on Nintendo's Virtual Console on January 16, 2007, for the Wii, on February 13, 2013, for the Nintendo 3DS and on May 22, 2013, for the Wii U
The first re-release was made on June 29, 2001 for the Microsoft Windows operating system as part of the "Ultra 2000 Sunsoft Classic Games 2" compilation. The game was also coupled with "Ikki", and its value version release, "YuYu Sunsoft Kessaku-shu 2" (released July 2, 2004), and "Memorial Series Sunsoft Vol.3" for the PlayStation (released December 27, 2001) which also included "The Wing of Madoola", another Sunsoft game. Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi was ported into a java application for mobile phones under the NTT DoCoMo operator in September 2003. It was released for the Virtual Console only in Japan on October 14, 2008 for the Wii and on September 18, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS.
In the "aiki-jō" practiced in some systems of aikido and utilizing a four-foot wooden staff ("jō"), "tsuki" is used literally as part of the name of numerous thrusting techniques with the jō. With the student standing in hidari katate-gamae, the weapon is lifted to the right hand, which slides to the bottom end of the weapon. The student shuffle steps forward (tsugi-ashi) and the right hand pushes the weapon for the strike, allowing it to slide in the left hand, and coming to rest with the left hand gripping the jō one third the distance from the bottom end. Picture striking a billiard ball with a cue stick, except both hands grip the jō with palms down, and thumbs forward.
In August 2008, Imai decided to regroup with Speed for NTV's 24-hour telethon. During this time she announced that her son has a hearing disability, and wanted to take the opportunity to perform for her son for the first time, and to give hope to others who are also suffering from the same disability. She resumed activities with Speed again starting on 31 August 2008. Eriko also made her first film appearance in almost five years, in "Yuzuriha: Kimi mo Mata Tsugi no Kimi e", directed by Kentarō Hayase. The picture is a 60th-anniversary project of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf. Eriko also started a web programme called Elly ch: '...& Smile' on 18 October, in which she invites her friends as guests or shows footage of her concerts.
As expected from Osamu Tezuka, he put his "character acting company", known as Star System, to use to define the cast of "Jetter Mars". He created a few of the characters specifically for the series, such as Mars and Melchi, and the vast majority of the cast was classic and well-known characters from Tezuka's works, playing various roles. In the adjacent picture, it is possible to identify many of Tezuka's characters, from left to right: Daidalos, Shunsuke Ban aka "Higeoyaji" and Tezuka himself in the upper row; Inspector Tawashi, Rock Holmes and Marukubi Boon in the middle row; and Tamao, Shibugaki, Spider, Chief Nakamura, HamEgg, Acetylene Lamp, Ken'ichi and Hyōtan-tsugi in the lower row; among some others.