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otona              inochi              hanayome              unmei              koibito              futatsu              hajimete              yakusoku              chikai              hajimari              naisho              wakare              taiyou              kakera              bokutachi              kamisama              hitotsu              kanashimi              tenshi              maboroshi              onnatachi              danshi              kiseki              mayonaka              shinjitsu              tatakai              nanatsu              tsuioku              tameni              tobira              omoide              yoru              rakuen              yoake              darake              okite              hoshizora              okurimono              namida              tsugi              omoi              kimochi              kodomo              hitori              kajitsu              kioku              musuko              hanazakari              itoshi              nazo             

Examples of "tsukiyo"
She has provided lyrics to the well-known Japanese singing-duo Chemistry for their song "Tsukiyo".
Ringo Sheena performed "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" during her solo "Tōtaikai" concerts in November 2013.
Kuriyama felt that adding "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" and "Seishun no Matataki" to "Circus" gave the album more balance.
"Tsukiyo no Shōzō" was recorded is sessions after the release of her debut album "Circus", during which Kuriyama felt more confident as a singer. The songs were recorded with Sheena in the studio, with her band Tokyo Jihen performing the band instruments, with "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" recorded first, followed by "Seishun no Kagayaki." Long-time Sheena collaborator Neko Saito arranged the classical instruments.
Kuriyama felt that "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" was a song that blended "a woman's coolness and femininity" that did not emphasise sweetness or strength. Kuriyama felt that Sheena wrote "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" closer to Kuriyama's personality, after spending time together in recording sessions. She also believed it had a "strong image of women," and reflected the feelings of the character of Erika from the drama, who was a solo mother. Kuriyama felt that adding "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" and "Seishun no Matataki" to "Circus" gave the album more balance.
After hearing that Kanon Nagakawa and Keima are a couple, Tsukiyo reappears at her observatory with the rug. She becomes furious when Keima invades her space and when he tries to shush her from Ayumi. The next day, Keima apologizes for the Kanon rumors. Later, Luna sees Keima is interacting with Shiori at the library; she attacks him and tells him to leave Tsukiyo alone. Keima finds Tsukiyo on the school rooftop, but she is possessed by the goddess Vulcan, who also possesses Luna. But when Vulcan is about to finish off Keima, Tsukiyo stops her, and reveals she trusts Keima's caring words. After a kiss, she enables Vulcan to manifest her wings and to recover her powers.
Vulcan appears at the library by possessing Luna. She is upset that Keima is wooing Shori Shiomiya and had wooed Kanon Nakagawa, even though he shows interest in Tsukiyo again. Luna attacks Keima, and warns him not to come near Tsukiyo. Despite this, Keima still manages to evade her attacks and confronts Tsukiyo herself, who chooses to believe in his sincerity. This causes Vulcan to reluctantly cease her attacks, and after Tsukiyo kisses Keima on the cheek, Vulcan manifests a pair of wings. Keima takes her to his house where Luna observes Fiore, who reveals Vintage's plan of using the Spirit Hunters to capture the sisters. She easily defeats Fiore and her doppelgänger minions. With Diana's help, she removes the dagger and curse on Apollo/Kanon, leaving just Apollo's self-preservation spell.
"Tsukiyo no Shōzō" and "Seishun no Matataki" were recorded after the album's release, when Kuriyama was feeling more confident as a vocalist. She felt that adding these to songs to the deluxe edition the album more balance.
The songs were both given French titles by Sheena. "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" became "Identité de la Lune" (translated as "Identity of the Moon") and "Seishun no Matataki" became "Le moment" (translated as "The Moment").
A companion book titled "Moon: Official Book" was also released by ASCII. Another book titled "Tsukiyo No Aho Dori: Moon Side Story" was released by Jugemu Books. It features a story by Yoshirou Kimura and illustrations by Kazuyuki Kurashima.
After leaving Konami, he immediately set up his own company, Blue Moon Studio, that have since released the game 10,000 Bullets ("Tsukiyo ni Saraba" in Japan). In January 2010, a cryptic update was posted on the Blue Moon Studio blog.
is a 21-year-old Narusawa University student who returns to Maijima Academy for two weeks to teach Keima’s class. Wakaki paired her story with Tsukiyo Kujyo's since both girls struggle with pursuing ideals and applying them to reality.
Aoi Tsukiyo no Sampo Michi (青い月夜の散歩道) was Ishikawa’s second single with Anato to Watashi no Mura-matsuri (あなたと私の村祭り) as its B-side.
Tsukiyo no Ame (Rain on a moonlit night) is Jun Shibata's fifth studio album and the first with Victor Entertainment. It was released on February 21, 2007, and peaked at #9.
Yukiyo and Tsukiyo Yamazaki (35) are a pair of sisters who are Tsuruhime's childhood friends and are of a ninja family. As a result, treating Tsuruhime as family, the three of them formed a Sukeban Deka-like group called the Punishment Sailor Sisters who put bullies in their place. When their little sister Hanayo told them of strange events going on at her school, Yukiyo and Tsukiyo are reunited with Tsuruhime as they reformed the Punishment Sailor Sisters to go after Kamaitachi. Soon after, the Yamazaki Sisters thank Tsuruhime for helping them while asking her to call if she ever gets in trouble.
Circus (stylised as CIRCUS) is the album by Japanese musician and actress Chiaki Kuriyama, which was released on March 16, 2011. Kuriyama collaborated with famous Japanese and overseas rock musicians to create the album. In January 2012, the album was re-released as a deluxe edition, featuring the single "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" and its B-side "Seishun no Matataki""
A music video was produced for "Tsukiyo no Shōzō," directed by Takumi Shiga and Yuichi Kodama. Kodama is Sheena's current partner, and is the father of her daughter who was born in 2013. Kodama frequently worked on Sheena's videos, directing all of Tokyo Jihen's music videos for singles single "OSCA" in 2007. He also worked on Sheena's solo singles "Ariamaru Tomi" (2009), "Carnation" (2011).
Named after the Roman god of fire, is the self-proclaimed goddess of "love and justice", she is the first-born sister who resides in the body of Tsukiyo Kujyō, though more often personified in the form of her doll, Luna. Unlike her sisters, Vulcan has bad eyesight and hearing, and can not walk, but can instead possess an object. When Vulcan takes over Tsukiyo's body, her hair becomes darker.
On December 30, 2009, along with the announcement of then-forthcoming release of their forty-second single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai", it was also announced that the group would be releasing their tenth studio album on March 17, 2010. According to Tsunku, "Genki Pikappika!" was originally chosen as the opening track for the album; however, he felt that "Moonlight Night (Tsukiyo no Ban da yo)" was a better choice.
Since her debut in 1998, Sheena has written songs for other musicians, starting with Ryōko Hirosue and Rie Tomosaka between 1998 and 2000. After a break of eight years, she began producing music for other musicians again, beginning with boyband Tokio's single "Amagasa". She worked with actress and musician Chiaki Kuriyama on four songs, with three becoming singles: "Oishii Kisetsu", "Ketteiteki Sanpunkan" and "Tsukiyo no Shōzō".