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chibchan              cariban              panoan              maipurean              arawakan              makhuwa              omotic              tequistlatecan              paezan              ubangian              tupian              misumalpan              chadic              maiduan              wintuan              cushitic              zoquean              surmic              gunwinyguan              popolocan              yanomam              wakashan              barbacoan              totonacan              tumbuka              baniwa              piaroa              nilotic              tlapanecan              witoto              cuicatec              gbaya              sudanic              mataco              nambikwara              otomanguean              zapotecan              nyungan              mixe              chukotko              tsimshianic              mixtecan              trumai              chumashan              tsezic              yaruro              salishan              subtiaba              chicomuceltec              kamchatkan             

Examples of "tucanoan"
The language family that Wanano belongs to is the Tucanoan family, located in northwest Amazonia (Stenzel 2004, 20). The Tukanoan family can be sub-categorized into two groups: Western Tukanoan Languages and Eastern Tucanoan Languages, Wanano belonging to the Eastern Tucanoan family (Stenzel 2004, 20). The Eastern Tukanoan group is much larger than the Western Tukanoan family with 16 languages and around 28,000 speakers, while the Western Tucanoan family has 4 languages with around 3,000 speakers (Stenzel 2004, 20).
Macaguaje is an extinct Tucanoan language of Colombia.
Yauna (Yahuna) is an extinct Tucanoan language of Colombia.
Yupuá (Jupua), or Yupuá-Duriña, is an extinct Tucanoan language.
Correguaje (Korewaje, Ko'reuaju) is a Tucanoan language of Colombia.
Carapano (Karapanã, Carapana-tapuya, Möxdöá) is a Tucanoan language of Colombia and Brazil.
Siriano is a Tucanoan language of Colombia, with a few speakers in Brazil.
Tucanoan (also Tukanoan, Tukánoan) is a language family of Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.
Orejón (Oregon), also Coto or "Maijiki", is a moribund Tucanoan language of Peru.
Macuna, also known as "Buhagana, Wahana," is a Tucanoan language of Colombia and Brazil.
Pisamira is a Tucanoan language. "Ethnologue" misidentifies it as a dialect of Tucano.
Tucanoan language sometimes called Pamiwa) is an extinct language of Colombia, related to Tinigua.
Yurutí, or Wajiara, is a Tucanoan language of Colombia, with a few speakers in Brazil.
They speak the Piratapuyo language, one of the Eastern Tucanoan languages.
Tanimuca, or Tanimuca-Retuarã (Letuama), is a Tucanoan language of Colombia.
Wanano/Piratapuyo belongs to the Northern branch of the Eastern Tucanoan languages, along with Tucano.
Tucano, also Tukano or Tucana, endonym Dahseyé (Dasea), is a Tucanoan language spoken in Amazonas, Brazil and Colombia.
Siriano (also called "Selea" or "Sürá") are a Tucanoan people indigenous to Colombia and Brazil. Their total population is estimated at 750, with most living in Colombia. Their exogamous culture means that, glossologically, speakers are identified by the first language of their father. The Siriano language is Tucanoan.
Cueretú (Curetu) is an extinct language of the Amazon basin. It may be Tucanoan, but more recently has been left unclassified due to sparsity of data.
Other ethnic groups in the region also speak Eastern Tucanoan languages apart from the Tariana people, who originally spoke an Arawakan language.