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Examples of "tuchman"
Tuchman is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Jessica Tuchman Matthews was born on July 4, 1946, to Barbara Tuchman (1912–1989), historian and Pulitzer Prize winner, and Lester Tuchman (c. 1904–1997), medical researcher and professor of clinical medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Her maternal grandfather was banker Maurice Wertheim.
Maurice Tuchman was born in Jacksonville, Florida, though he was raised in a Jewish neighborhood of the Bronx. Tuchman attended the City University of New York as an undergraduate, and completed a PhD in Art History at Columbia University.
Tuchman states in the Mass Media book for A-level students on page 109 that women are represented far less than males on TV. Tuchman also stated that when women have roles, they are mostly negative.
The book was described by "Foreign Affairs" as "in the Tuchman tradition: readable, entertaining, intelligent."
Tuchman founded Skylight Entertainment, a holding company for several sports and entertainment businesses in March 2011.
"11 Los Angeles Artists", Curated by Maurice Tuchman and Jane Livingston, Hayward Gallery, London, 1971
"LA8: Painting and Sculpture 76", Curated by Maurice Tuchman, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1976
Gary Tuchman is a reporter on the American cable news channel CNN.
Mitchell Tuchman has been a frequent guest on CNN, CNBC, CBS Moneywatch and Fox Business News.
Kenneth D. Tuchman (born 1959) is an American businessman and founder of global outsourcing company TeleTech.
Tuchman received a BSBA from Boston University and an MBA from Harvard University.
In 1971, Tuchman received the St. Louis Literary Award from the Saint Louis University Library Associates.
In her book "The March of Folly", Barbara Tuchman notes that the earth has been called The Meadow of Atë.
Tuchman described him as “an exuberant, energetic, almost violent man, with … bright peasant’s eyes behind spectacles and a loud voice”.
He is described by Holger Herwig as “slender, almost delicate” and by Tuchman as “svelte, delicate, small-boned”.
In 1985, Tuchman was part of the international jury that awarded the Carnegie Prize to Anselm Kiefer and Richard Serra.
The Guns of August (1962), also published as "August 1914", is a volume of history by Barbara W. Tuchman. It is centered on the first month of World War I. After introductory chapters, Tuchman describes in great detail the opening events of the conflict. Its focus then becomes a military history of the contestants, chiefly the great powers.
Along with fellow art historian Esti Dunow, Tuchman is co-author of the Chaim Soutine catalogue raisonné. Tuchman and Dunow also coordinated "The New Landscape/The New Still Life: Soutine and Modern Art” at Cheim & Read in New York in 2006 and "“Soutine/Bacon" at Helly Nahmad Gallery in New York in 2011.
Leo is the fifth of the six popes who are unfavorably profiled by historian Barbara Tuchman in "The March of Folly", and who are blamed by her with precipitating the Protestant Reformation. Tuchman describes Leo as a cultured - if religiously devout - hedonist.