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riikka              tuula              pauliina              kirsi              sinikka              siiri              eveliina              kauko              karoliina              maarit              ritva              sirkka              maija              joona              merja              kristiina              terttu              marjo              suutari              mikkonen              leivo              tiina              toivanen              riitta              marjut              irmeli              sinisalo              irja              inkeri              eila              talvitie              juuso              keskitalo              rantanen              pirjo              anneli              ilpo              liisa              kaarina              oskari              tuulikki              toini              jyri              eetu              seppo              juulia              arttu              tiia              kerttu              voitto             

Examples of "tuija"
Film director Tuija-Maija Niskanen made the film "Jäähyväiset" ("Avskedet") based on Bandler's life.
The book was the basis for the 1985 film "Grand Illusion" directed by Tuija-Maija Niskanen.
Tuija Hakkila (born January 16, 1959) is a Finnish classical pianist.
In 1945, a new version was directed by Orvo Saarikivi and in 1988 a television film by Tuija-Maija Niskanen.
With the love for children as well as for dogs, Tuija took part in the creating of animation series The Dibidogs as chief scriptwriter. The series’ dog characters and canine world settlement was entirely originated from children’s creation, which Tuija became highly enthusiastic about. The Dibidogs animated series has now gained a popularity among children in 28 countries worldwide.
Tuija Hakkila has recorded several CD, for instance the complete cycle of Mozart keyboard sonatas and a recording with Kaija Saariaho’s chamber music for trio ensembles.
We Come During Spring (Finnish: Me tulemme taas) is a 1953 Finnish musical comedy film directed by Armand Lohikoski and starring Tuija Halonen, Tapio Rautavaara and Siiri Angerkoski.
April's Coming (Finnish: Huhtikuu tulee) is a 1953 Finnish comedy film directed by Valentin Vaala and starring Ossi Elstelä, Tuija Halonen and Kurt Ingvall.
Tuija Lindström (born 1950) is a Finnish-Swedish photographer, artist and professor of photography at School of Photography and Film,University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg,Sweden, 1992-2001.
Tuija Kinnunen (born 10 May 1965) is a Finnish former racing cyclist. She finished in second place in the Finnish National Road Race Championships in 1998.
In an endeavour to express ethical ideas in an artistic format, Häyry produced in 2013 – with Tuija Takala, Corky Laing, and Lasse Väyrynen – a concept album on the ethics of genetics; (Gonzo Multimedia 2013).
In Finland, numerous celebrities including Ministers Tuija Brax and Alexander Stubb appeared on a YouTube video "Kaikki muuttuu paremmaksi" ("Everything Will Get Better") encouraging teenagers to feel comfortable with their sexuality.
Tuija Kaarina Brax (née "Karvonen"; born 6 January 1965 in Helsinki) is a Finnish politician and former Minister of Justice. She is a Member of Finnish Parliament, representing the Green League. She was first elected to the Parliament in 1995. She has been the Minister of Justice in Matti Vanhanen's second cabinet and
Alivuokralainen (Finnish for "the sub-tenant") is a Finnish comedy play written by Timo Kahilainen and Heikki Vihinen and directed by Heikki Vihinen. The play stars Heikki Hela, Heikki Kinnunen, Kake Aunesneva, Jukka Leisti, Ritva Jalonen, Ilpo Hakala, Tuija Ernamo, Pete Keskinen and Mikko Rantaniva. It premiered in 2003 and is still showing in Tampere.
Tuija Annika Hyyrynen (born 10 March 1988) is a Finnish football defender who plays for Fortuna Hjørring in Denmark's Elitedivisionen. She previously played for Umeå IK in Sweden's Damallsvenskan; HJK Helsinki and Åland United in Finland's Naisten Liiga. In 2010 Hyyrynen played in America, with Florida State Seminoles and Pali Blues.
Pelit's editor-in-chief was Tuija Lindén. Its staff includes the accidental gaming icon Niko Nirvi and the cartoonist Wallu. Jyrki Kasvi spent several years as a game reviewer as well as a columnist under the pseudonym of "Wexteen the Wizard". Kasvi is nowadays a politician and was a member of the Finnish Parliament between 2003–2011. Pelit's review scores are listed on Metacritic.
Fourteen housemates entered the House at "Launch". Justiina entered on Day 18, and Toni and Marko entered on Day 27, after the eviction of Lotta and Tuija. The final four housemates - Antti, Iida, Saranna and Stephania - entered on Day 55, after Minna's eviction.
Total collected annual taxes are €65 billion and Finland's annual fiscal deficit is estimated as between €4.6 and €7.7 billion. Finland is only just figuring out how the tax gap should be assessed, unlike many other countries. According to Parliamentary Audit Committee chairperson Tuija Brax. "Sweden has been actively addressing this tax gap problem for some time.”
On 2 July 2010, Minister of Justice Tuija Brax announced that the Ministry of Justice is preparing a reform of the "Marriage Act" in the autumn of 2011. It was considered possible that same-sex marriage would be legalized after the 2011 parliamentary elections, where it was speculated to turn into one major theme, though in the August 2010 survey, only 20% of the respondents said the issue should be a major theme.
Tuija Sisko Annele Toivonen-Jousimaa (born September 22, 1958 in Elimäki) is a retired female long-distance runner from Finland. She competed in the women's marathon for her native country at two consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 1984. Her best result was the 10th place at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California. Toivonen set her personal best in the classic distance in 1991, clocking 2:28:59.