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Examples of "tuloch"
"Tuloch Ard" (The High Hill) From the rallying cry of the Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's Own), a British Army unit long since amalgamated into The Highlanders. The cry is derived from the name of the gathering place of the Clan Mackenzie, a mountain near Kintail in Ross Shire, Scotland.
Originally called Tuloch Eoghain, "the hill of Eoghan." In the 17th century it was acquired by the Colquhoun family, and was known as Tully-Colquhoun or Tillyquhoun; and then Tullichewan. The Tullichewan estate was sold by the Colquhoun clan to James Buchanan in 1792.
Pampidoo started out deejaying on the Killamanjaro soundsystem in early 1983, often sparring with fellow deejay Tullo T (a.k.a. Tuloch T, Papa Tullo). In 1985, his most famous single, "Governor General" was released. During the later half of the 1980s, Pampidoo released several more singles including "You No Ready" and "Water Bed". In 1992, a compilation album was released with ten of his songs appearing on the track list (including "Governor General"). In 2007, Pampidoo released his latest single, "Selassie I Rule".