Synonyms for tumbles or Related words with tumbles

sways              tosses              topples              whirls              flinging              tossed              jostle              gyrates              flings              plunges              bounces              tumbled              smashes              tossing              jostles              propels              shatters              jerked              crumbles              shoves              hurled              trickles              agitates              crushes              hurls              tumble              tumbling              flung              knocks              bouncing              swims              stirs              churns              pours              freefalling              whirling              twirled              twirls              overturns              dunked              submerges              grinds              flips              skims              crouches              shoved              shakes              undulates              wanders              blows             

Examples of "tumbles"
Meanwhile, Jubal Early tumbles helplessly through space and says, "Well... Here I am."
When The Rain Tumbles Down In July # / Beautiful Queensland # / Sweeney # / Harry The Breaker / Waltzing Matilda
"Cybistetes" , or tumbler, after the way the wind tumbles the infructescence.
Some of the merchandise being released by Kadokawa Shoten include phone cards, tumbles and drawings autographed by Segawa.
Until at least the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), "Fānziquán" was known as "Bāshǎnfān" (Chinese: 八閃翻; literally "8 flash tumbles"), or "8 evasive tumbles" and is attributed to General Qi Jiguang. Whereas in the Qing Dynasty it art is known as "BāfānMén" (Chinese: 八翻门; literally "8 Rotations School").
and, it has been suggested, may have inspired the scene in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in which Alice tumbles down a rabbit hole.
A lost child tumbles into the confusing world of Southwestern US desert folklore and lives for a while with the trickster Coyote.
The major characteristic of ditangquan is the ability to perform tumbles, falls, turns, leg skills, somersaults and aerial acrobatics using those techniques for both offense and defense.
Romanche Glacier is a glacier located in Alberto de Agostini National Park, Chile. A cascade from the glacier tumbles into the Beagle Channel.
From Lake Timiskaming, the river flows southeast to Ottawa and Gatineau, where it tumbles over the Chaudière Falls and further takes in the Rideau and Gatineau rivers.
On Martha's Vineyard, the species is a tumbleweed: it grows in a globular form, breaks off at the root in the autumn, and tumbles about.
The river flows through Thousand Springs State Park, where it tumbles down a stairstep waterfall. The Malad Gorge is deep and long.
Intrada released a CD of Alan Silvestri's score for the film. "Musician" said of the score, "Tear down a few walls and it's amazing what tumbles out".
In chair vaulting the acrobat jumps or tumbles over the chair. Sometimes the chair is used as a launching platform and sometimes it is carried by the athlete while performing the vault.
The waterfall is located on the Savanne River at an elevation of 152 meters above sea level, approximately 2.5 km from Souillac (the capital of the Savanne district), and it tumbles from a height of about 10 m (33 ft).
On the lower slopes of Doi Inthanon, near the Karen hill tribe village, Ban Sop Had, are the Wachirathan waterfalls (), where the Wachirathan (lit. "Diamond Creek") tumbles over a granite escarpment.
A dead man tumbles down a flight of stairs. When the police arrive at the top-floor apartment of Joe Adams (Henry Fonda), he shoots at them through the door.
The TARDIS materialises on the edge of a cliff below the castle. The Doctor and Jo Grant barely leave the ship before it tumbles over the edge of the cliff; they climb to the castle to get help.
She is startled by a hunchbacked dwarf approaching her, carried by ten manservants. She lashes out and he tumbles to the ground, tripping over his long beard. It is the wizard Chernomor, who leaves his hat as he flees.
It defines the western boundary of the Driftless Area. While the Wapsi has a soft, recent catchment, the Driftless, to the east and north, tumbles down to the Mississippi in rugged canyons.