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sirarpie              wiederentdecker              untertan              totmacher              brivele              wahrheitsfreund              vollkommene              blutharsch              fahnder              kriminalist              wetsidee              arbeyter              nationalepos              einzige              hovagimian              rauchfangkehrer              zauberlehrling              augenzeuge              orchideengarten              judenstaat              groyser              schadet              feinschmecker              angriff              epochen              kreidekreis              zauberer              aufstand              giftpilz              israelitischen              sozialdemokrat              postmeister              asthetik              trihs              malekh              beleuchtung              philosophischen              wandersmann              abriss              abenteuerliche              nationalen              pleier              heutigen              bettelstudent              nachsommer              bergdoktor              yeghiayan              wehrkraft              gantze              menschfresser             

Examples of "tunkeler"
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In Yiddish a "feuilleton" was generally humorous and informal in tone. Two famous writers of Yiddish feuilletons were Sholem Aleichem and the Tunkeler, Yosef Tunkel.
Yosef Tunkel (1881–August 9, 1949) was a Jewish–Belarusian–American writer of poetry and humorous prose in Yiddish commonly known by the pen name Der Tunkeler or 'The dark one' in Yiddish.
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1911 Moved to Warsaw. Becomes a regular contributor to the magazine Der Moment. Starts using the pseudonyms "Khoshekh" and "Der Tunkeler". Eventually "Iosef Tunkel" becomes the editor of the weekly humor supplement called Der Kromer Shpigel (The Bent Mirror).
The theater produced sketches, one-act plays, songs and scenes by Hayim Nahman Bialik, Isaac Leib Peretz, Shimen Shmuel Frug, David Frischmann (Frishman), Avrom Reyzen, I. M. Vaysenberg, Moishe Broderzon, Zusman Segalovitsh, Moyshe Kulbak, Y. M. Nayman (A. Foygl), Der Tunkeler (Yosef Tunkel), Bontshe (Avrom Rozenfeld), Menakhem Kipnis, Moyshe Nudelman, Peysakh Hakhshtein, Der Lustiker Pesimist (I. Sh. Goldshtein), Isaac Nozhik, I. Mitsmakher, Yankev Oberzhanek, Sh. L. Shneyderman and Igor S. Korntayer.
Yaakov Banai (Tunkel) was born on March 20, 1920 in Baranovichi, Poland. He was the third child of four children. His father was Shraga (Feivel) Tunkel and his mother Brakha née Sokolovsky. The family owned a barber shop and his father served as the head of the town's volunteer fire department. His father was the first cousin of Yosef Tunkel, the Yiddish humorist known as Der Tunkeler. Both of his parents and two of his siblings perished in the Holocaust.
Founded by the humorist Yosef Tunkel (or Der tunkeler, his pen name, meaning 'The dark one'), the paper was taken on by Jacob Marinoff when Tunkel left to work for an established paper in Warsaw. It consciously set itself up in opposition to the serious Yiddish-language press of the time such as the socialist "The Jewish Daily Forward". Though, naturally, more traditional religious Judaism did not escape its satire: The 1915 ‘Christmas’ edition included a parodic conversation between Jesus and the prophet Elijah. Despite its irreverent attitude to everything, it also published poetry by Di Yunge (“The Young Ones”) poets such as Moyshe-Leyb Halpern and Zuni Maud. At its height it had a circulation of 35,000 but folded in 1927 due to flagging sales.