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rotorstorm              ehobby              piyotama              tigertrack              windsheer              takaratomy              thrustinator              dynablaster              pikaboo              starwing              konchuu              botcon              reimeihen              philosoma              treadshot              xebio              rotorbolt              zxl              cronosoft              famicoms              zenfit              elorg              konamistyle              beatnes              vinylshakerz              grimwing              zuxxez              lamagama              televipers              shushutto              mechtech              mensegg              shopro              blastcharge              lamusica              xboxplaystation              doubledealer              blacklions              saidaioujou              happin              transliner              kyuuri              toyline              nelsonic              dollikin              parkzone              behemothbowl              twincast              blayzbloo              jetcraft             

Examples of "turbomaster"
This toy truck was released in Europe as leader of the Turbomaster team. He did not appear in any fiction other than his pack-in catalogue comic. Because of his bright neon colors, Thunder Clash is often believed to be a part of Generation 2 - this is not the case; his Autobot insignia is clearly that of the Generation One design.
The original European Predators had a "scope" system where smaller Predator aeroplanes could be locked onto scopes on the two bigger Predators, and looking through the scope would present a picture of an enemy Turbomaster. This feature was not fully carried over to the Machine Wars versions - the scopes were retained, but they no longer contained any pictures. The smaller Predator planes were not included in the Machine Wars toyline.
A Commodore 64 (or Commodore 128 in 64 mode) is required to run C*Base. All CBM and CMD floppy and hard drives are supported, as well as the Lt. Kernal hard drive. Modem baud rates up to 2400 are supported through the user port, and up to 9600 through the cartridge port. The program is fully compatible with CPU and disk accelerators such as TurboMaster and JiffyDOS.