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Examples of "twentythree_records"
Their collaborations include working with Harold Budd and Bill Nelson to release "Three White Roses & A Budd" (Twentythree Records, 2002).
Dicks is an album by the British electronica group, Fila Brazillia, released on Twentythree Records in 2004.
Their debut release was a 12" vinyl, "Tripping The Light Fantastic" / "Ickey Plush" on the electronica label, Twentythree Records, which was also based in both Hull and Sheffield. Their first album, "Put Me On A Planet" (Steel Tiger Records) was named "One of the surprise hits of 2006" by Matt Anniss in the December 2006 issue of "International DJ Magazine".
Steve Cobby was formerly half of the iconic electronic music duo Fila Brazillia, in addition to his many other musical aliases, most notably The Solid Doctor - with The Heights of Abraham and Mandrillus Sphynx these are to be found on Twentythree Records.
Cobby and Lister were founders of both Steel Tiger Records and Twentythree Records. J*S*T*A*R*S's track "Loose Nuke Threat", from "Put me on a Planet", featured in television/cinema advertisements for the John Lewis Partnership spring campaigns for 2004 and 2005.
Their early releases on Pork Recordings (also based in Hull), "Old Codes New Chaos", "Maim That Tune", "Mess", "Black Market Gardening", "Luck Be a Weirdo Tonight" and "Power Clown" followed. After creating their own music label with Sim Lister, Twentythree Records, they released further albums "A Touch of Cloth", "Jump Leads", "The Life And Times of Phoebus Brumal", "Dicks" and "Retrospective".
Formed in 1992 their debut releases ("Tides EP" and "Humidity" LP) came in 1992 on the ambient-downtempo label Pork Recordings (also based in Hull). With David McSherry; who forms Fila Brazilia with Cobby; Cobby and Lister created their own music label, Twentythree Records.