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Examples of "twohig"
Having become captain of Blackburn, Twohig left to sign for Liverpool Ladies in February 2011. Twohig has returned to Blackburn Rovers Ladies in August 2012.
In October 2006 Twohig played for the Republic of Ireland U-19 team in friendlies against the Netherlands and Switzerland.
Twohig was first elected in 1978, and was re-elected in 1981. He did not re-offer in 1984.
Byock I, Twohig JS: Expanding the realm of the possible. "J Palliat Med" 2003 Apr;6(2):311–313.
The current editors are George Looney (editor-in-chief), Amanda Dziubkowski (fiction), Jessica Storm (fiction), Elizabeth Twohig (poetry) and Aimee Pogson (nonfiction).
Byock I, Twohig JS, Merriman M, Collins K: Peer-professional workgroups in palliative care: A strategy for advancing professional discourse and practice. "J Palliat Med" 2006 Feb;9(1):934–947.
Byock IR, Sheils Twohig J, Emnett J: Advanced practice nursing: Pioneering practices In palliative care, a monograph of Promoting Excellence in End of Life Care, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, July 2002.
Twohig played for Blackburn Rovers Ladies before leaving to join Manchester City Ladies. She rejoined Blackburn in October 2007. Her first top-flight goal came in January 2008, against Doncaster Rovers Belles.
Byock I, Twohig JS. Delivering palliative care in challenging settings and to hard-to-reach populations. In: Ferrell BR, Coyle N (eds): "Textbook of palliative nursing" (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2005, pp 1109–1118.
Beresford L, Byock IR, Sheils Twohig J: Financial implications of Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care, a monograph of Promoting Excellence in End of Life Care, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, November 2002.
Edward Twohig is a former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, Canada for the constituency of Kings North. He sat as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia from 1978 to 1984.
Byock I, Twohig JS, Merriman M, Collins K: Promoting excellence in end-of-life care: A report on innovative models of palliative care. "J Palliat Med" 2006 Feb;9(1):137–151.
Twohig JS, Aligning values with practice. The "Promoting Excellence" program demonstrates the practicality of palliative care for patients, families, and caregivers. "Health Prog" 2004 Jul-Aug; 85(4):27–33.
Schapiro R, Byock IR, Sheils Twohig J: Living and dying well with cancer: Successfully Integrating palliative care and cancer treatment, a monograph of Promoting Excellence in End of Life Care, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, May 2003.
In 1981 the project released "The Journal of the Proceedings of the President, 1793–1979," a two volume set of papers submitted to Washington during his Presidency between the years of 1793 and 1797. Also edited by Twohig, the papers were maintained by Washington's secretaries Tobias Lear and Bartholomew Dandridge and are written in the first person. Per the project's website, the project "[throws] considerable light on presidential and cabinet participation in decision-making during Washington’s administration" due to the scarcity of records relating to the War Department during this point in time and because of the gap in Washington's diaries. The collection was edited by Dorothy Twohig.
"The Papers of George Washington. The Revolutionary War Series, June 1775–December 1783" is an ongoing collection that currently spans 23 volumes, the first of which was released in 1985. The set has been edited by W.W. Abbot, Dorothy Twohig, Philander D. Chase, Theodore J. Crackel, and Edward G. Lengel and covers Washington's papers from the Revolutionary War.
The O'Keefe Center houses the university's athletic department. Facilities include Twohig Gymnasium, Rocket Ice Arena, Alumni Field, the wellness center and two swimming pools. The university is in the process of constructing a 40,000 square foot addition to the O'Keefe Center; new facilities will include a new gymnasium and wellness center. Construction is schedule for completion in September 2013.
By 2014, MOD Pizza had 31 locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. The same year the company secured $15 million in private investment. Notable backers included Dunkin' Donuts president Paul Twohig and TOMS Shoes Chief Executive Officer Jim Alling
At the half way point of the 2012 FA WSL, Liverpool were again rooted to the bottom of the table and sacked manager Robbie Johnson. Shepherd, Ruesha Littlejohn and Nicola Twohig were released by incoming manager Matt Beard. Later that month Shepherd signed for Manchester City.
General William Leslie Cazneau, credited several years earlier with burying the Alamo casualties with full military honors, began ranching in the area around 1850. He partnered with Irish-born San Antonio banker and county settler John Twohig to lay out a plan of Eagle Pass in 1850. That same year, a Mexican garrison established Piedras Negras across the border.