Synonyms for twoj or Related words with twoj

biznis              svoje              svobodu              kretanja              siebie              wojskowego              wspomnienie              konstruktsii              nauke              lepiej              zycia              rodnoy              zakochani              wszystkim              istoriju              rezultati              hrabrost              ludzi              tekstovi              rzecz              ojca              sieci              vojne              govori              oraz              ostatni              wywiad              filmu              pomoc              povijesne              nocna              ulicy              priznanje              heroji              dniu              powstaniu              vremenu              kulturu              drugih              bajm              portreti              hrvatskom              polityczne              tobom              trzeci              kochankowie              odnosa              spomen              tereba              decenija             

Examples of "twoj"
"Za Każdy Usmiech Twoj" / For All of Your Smile (1979 Wisła Records)
Domanska’ paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions including the National Museum in Warsaw, she was selected for acceptance into the Biennales in Florence, The National Festival "The Supermarket of Art" two times and she has been a finalist the Art & Business competition "Painting of the Year" two times. Her work has been published in many media publications such as ELLE, Artinfo, Sztuka, Warsaw Business Journal, Rzeczpospolita, Twoj Styl Magazine,, Wprost and were featured in the major television news programs.
After moving part-time to Italy with her husband, in 2011 Gee was approached to be the spokeswoman and face of NEBU Milano, a luxury cosmetic brand that sells 24 carat golden plated cosmetics with Swarovski Crystal elements. Gee is the face, ambassador and co-creator of the prestigious brand which was launched out of Milan on November 21, 2013 in Mazzolari perfumeries. Gee and NEBU Milano have been featured in various Italian magazines, including Vogue Italia released during fashion week in Milan, REVE Italian Beauty Magazine, a 2014 edition of Italian luxury Magazine "Shopping For You" and fashion and beauty magazine "Milano World", where Gee was reviewed as the perfect fit of beauty and talent in representing the brand, and comparing her vocal capacity to Celine Dion. Gee and the brand have also been featured in Polish editions of ELLE, InStyle, Gala and Twoj Styl, where the brand won Best New Brand of the year 2014 at the magazines annual gala event. Also in 2011, Gee was on the cover of "Shopping For You". In November 2014, Gee was showcased in various articles related to the brand in Milano World magazine. As of 2016, NEBU Milano is available in the most luxurious perfumeries around the world.