Synonyms for txakurrek or Related words with txakurrek

hezurrak              jaten              dituzte              mothermouth              porricere              polypersonalism              pusdalyvis              anatanada              peircean              schneuker              lothane              predicatives              onomaton              preintuitionism              paishachi              simulfix              bfro              futuo              rdperson              wiigwaasabakoon              talaata              autochthonism              foldtree              kibembe              uczynkach              yukulta              fetichism              tripersonal              paamese              deafhood              kammatthana              dicisigns              pronominals              aruneya              lehav              agonistike              unaccusative              kreativen              holophrastic              metaoperational              hachadasha              arcaicam              npabs              ebchecked              hashkafah              cgcgcacgcc              indexicals              jamvukhanda              sadger              shokvao             

Examples of "txakurrek"
In some varieties or styles of Basque, e.g. in poetic diction, one may achieve more emphatic focus (even on an object) by inverting the usual verb-auxiliary order: "Txakurrek hezurrak dituzte jaten." In ordinary colloquial usage many speakers do not allow this, but some allow other such "inversions", e.g. with compound verbs (light-verb constructions), e.g. normal "Irakaslearekin hitz egingo dut" 'I'll speak to the teacher' (ordinary focus on "irakaslearekin") versus more marked "Irakaslearekin egingo dut hitz" (emphatic focus on "irakaslearekin").
A topic may be backgrounded (although arguably still remaining a topic) by placement at the end of a sentence rather than at the beginning, e.g. "Hezurrak jaten dituzte txakurrek", roughly 'They eat bones, dogs'; so also "Ez dakit, nik" 'I don't know', where "nik" is no doubt a topic of sorts since if it weren't there would be no need to mention it at all (unmarked: "Ez dakit").