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Examples of "type"
Nami Type:      Alvida Type:      Tashigi Type:      Vivi Type:      Kureha Type:
Luffy Type:      Buggy Type:      Kuro Type:      Krieg Type:      Arlong Type:
Zoro Type:      Sanji Type:      Usopp Type:      Gin Type:      Chopper Type:
The single was released in four versions: Type-A, Type-B, Type-C, and Type-D.
The single was released in four versions: Type-A, Type-B, Type-C, and Type-D.
In Australia, copper tubing classifications are "Type A", "Type B", "Type C", and "Type D":
Hundred Beast Regiment: (Animals type, Plant type, Insect type, etc.)
Trailable Yacht eligibility includes Type 1 Standard, Type 1-A Sports Like and Type 2 Sports Monohull Boats and Type 3 Standard and Type 4 Sports Multihull Boats.
Type locality, also called type area, type site or type section, is the where a particular rock type, stratigraphic unit or mineral species is first identified.
"Type F" highway is a road, which it cannot be classified as "Type B", "Type C", "Type D" and "Type E". In Italy are called "strade locali".
Common wall-thicknesses of copper tubing in the USA are "Type K", "Type L", "Type M", and "Type DWV":
The single was released in five versions: Type-A, Type-B, Type-C, Type-D, and Theater Edition.
Photosensitivity reactions are classified by origin into four types: Type I, Type II, Type III and Type IV.
The early Bugatti 8-cylinder line began with the 1922 Type 30. The same basic design was used for the 1926 Type 38 as well as the Type 40, Type 43, Type 44, and Type 49.
Today only a couple hundred Type 69/Type 79s remain in PLA inventory, mostly deployed with training or reserve units. The Type 69/Type 79 are being replaced by the newer Type 96 and Type 99 MBTs.
"Centimetric Mark V" target indication set, shared transmitter with Type 276 / Type 277 sets. Stabilised "cheese" antenna, diameter in outfit AUR, upgraded to in Type 293P (replaced all Type 293 and Type 276 sets) and to in Type 293Q.
The Type 81, Type 95 and Type 03 replaced Type 56 in PLA front line service, but the Type 56 remains in use with reserve and militia service. Type 56s are still in production by Norinco for export customers.
Southern Forest Region (southern yellow pines) Shortleaf Pine (Type 75), Loblolly Pine-Shortleaf Pine (Type 80); (oak-pine type) Loblolly Pine-Hardwood (Type 82); (bottom-land type) Swamp Chestnut Oak-Cherrybark Oak (Type 91).
There are three types of "makiyakinabe": Kantō-type, Kansai-type and Nagoya-type. The Kantō-type pans are squared. The Kansai-type pans are tall-and-thin rectangles. The Nagoya-type pans are short-and-wide rectangles.
One specific type of non-standard Type Ia supernova develops hydrogen, and other, emission lines and gives the appearance of mixture between a normal Type Ia and a Type IIn supernova. Examples are SN 2002ic and SN 2005gj. These supernova have been dubbed Type Ia/IIn, Type Ian, Type IIa and Type IIan.