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nefna              tiurida              blandinn              shipalane              sydd              letu              takoy              ysbryd              gdje              seychas              gorgones              chto              zaszczyt              cofrestru              njega              lyfr              mewn              shto              tedi              dashuria              voljela              mundem              hogy              znayu              govori              svaki              segja              llawn              puut              tobom              miney              byw              sretne              zdaj              pijan              wuj              gekk              jsem              ultramega              nerk              jeto              davno              rattie              adresa              nju              nikad              svoje              gledam              hapus              majhkhane             

Examples of "tysvar"
In 2003, Vratyas returned to the studio with three other musicians and close friends to record "Ok nefna tysvar Ty" (Old Norse, ""And Name Twice Týr""). The next "Falkenbach album", "Heralding – The Fireblade", was recorded in August–September 2005, using the same session musicians he had used for "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty". It includes material originally intended for the never released "Fireblade" album and re-working of demo tracks.
Tiurida (meaning "Glory") is the fifth studio album by the German Viking metal band Falkenbach, released in January 2011 via Napalm Records. It was recorded with the same session musicians as the previous two Falkenbach records, Ok nefna tysvar Ty (2003) and Heralding - The Fireblade (2005). It was released as a jewelcase, digipack, deluxe limited edition (containing the digipack plus a Falkenbach logo pendant), vinyl (in three variants - black, golden and white vinyl - and with different cover artwork) and download.
Ok nefna tysvar Ty (Old Norse, ""And Call Týr Twice"", from Sigrdrífumál 6) is the third studio album by the German Viking metal band "Falkenbach". The digipak version comes in a cover embossed in black and gold, and contains an Internet link to the Edda lines sung in ""Donar's Oak"". The album was re-released by "Hammerheart Records" in 2011 on 12" vinyl. Limited to 100 copies on clear vinyl and 400 copies on gold vinyl.
Heralding – The Fireblade is the fourth studio album by the German Viking metal band "Falkenbach". This record is made up of songs originally intended to be the band's debut album "Fireblade", which was shelved in 1995. For the 15-year anniversary of the band, the tracks were finally re-recorded (using the same session musicians as on "Ok nefna tysvar Ty") and released. The LP version limited to 1000 copies was released in 2006 by "No Colours Records" with the first 300 in transparent clear vinyl.