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Examples of "ullern"
Ullern Church is a cruciform Romanesque church built in 1903 on the Holgerslyst property in the Ullern district of Oslo, Norway. It is the parish church for the Ullern congregation in the Vestre Aker Deanery of the Diocese of Oslo.
Neighborhoods in Ullern District include Lysejordet, Øraker, Lilleaker, Sollerud, Vækerø, Bestum, Ullern, Bjørnsletta, Ullernåsen, Montebello, Hoff and Skøyen.
The station was located at Bestum in Ullern, on the Lilleaker Line, between Ullern Station to the east and Furulund Station to the west.
Ullern is a parish in the Church of Norway, but the borders do not correspond with the district borders. The parish was separated from Vestre Aker in 1906, and later on Røa and Skøyen were separated from Ullern, in 1957 and 1984 respectively. Ullern church, serving the parish of Ullern, was raised in 1903. The parish of Skøyen had its church raised in 1989. The parishes of Ullern and Skøyen are parts of Vestre Aker deanery, in turn a part of the Diocese of Oslo.
Gervin died in January 1978 and was buried in Ullern.
It is located north of Vækerø in Ullern borough.
Ullern is a light rail station on the Oslo Tramway.
Ullern Idrettsforening is a Norwegian multi-sports club from Ullern, Oslo. It has sections for association football, team handball, basketball, bandy and cheerleading. The club colors are white and red.
He retired in 1971. He died in June 1983 and was buried in Ullern.
Kastellbakken (renamed: "Husebybakken") is an abandoned ski jumping hill located at Ullern in Oslo, Norway.
Smestad died on 29 June 1962 and is buried at the cemetery at Ullern Church.
The local newspaper is "Ullern Avis Akersposten". "Aftenposten" is widespread as well.
He is a son of Inger Louise Valle. He is married, and lives in Ullern.
He resided in Bestum. He donated stained glass windows to the transepts of Ullern Church, and to various other ends.
Skullerud played for hometown club Kongsvinger IL Toppfotball, before turning out for Ready, Frigg, Grue IL, and Ullern IF Fotball.
Located at Øraker in Ullern, it was opened in 1924, the Lilleaker Line was extended to Jar.
Skøyenparken is a park in the neighborhood of Skøyen in the borough of Ullern in Oslo, Norway.
The club was founded in 1971 as a merger of the multi-sports club "Liull", the multi-sports club "Bestum IF" (founded 1914), the gymnastics club "Lilleaker TF" and "Ullern Basket" (founded 1956). "Liull" was in turn a merger of the skiing club "Ullern SK" (founded 1909) and "Lilleaker IF" (founded 1913). The club counts 1909 as its founding year.
The route continues via Hoff and Abbdediengen and Ullern. Previously a station was located at Bestum, but this was closed due to the vicinity to Ullern. The line then passes Furulund and Sollerud before reaching Lilleaker. The latter serves the northern parts of Lysaker as well as the shopping center CC Vest.
The local multi-sports team is Ullern IF. It was founded in 1909, and absorbed the neighboring teams Bestum IF and Liull in 1972. Their home field, used for football and bandy matches, is located near Lysakerelven station. The indoor arena Ørakerhallen is used for handball and basketball matches; its basketball team last won the national title in 1996. The tennis club Ullern TK split from Ullern IF in 1992, and has its courts at Blokkajordet. Since 2000 it also owns 25% of the national tennis arena at Hasle. Notable players include Thorvald Moe and Jan Frode Andersen.