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Examples of "ulquiorra"
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez notes that Ulquiorra tends to stab opponents in the same location as his hollow hole whenever he is particularly interested in a battle, though it is unclear if Ulquiorra is conscious of this habit. Ulquiorra is very analytical: he almost accurately theorizes the means behind Orihime Inoue's abilities, and recognizes that Ichigo Kurosaki's power constantly fluctuates between very weak to greater than his own strength. He also refrains from killing a person unless necessary, twice sparing Ichigo and proclaiming he would not harm Orihime because he had not been ordered to. He can replay events he has seen to others by removing and crushing his left eye, which turns into dust and flows around those to whom Ulquiorra is relaying information. While other hollows traded defensive abilities for raw strength upon becoming arrancars, Ulquiorra maintained his high-speed regeneration abilities with only his brain and internal organs unregenerable.
Ulquiorra is one of the first arrancars to be introduced, appearing alongside Yammy Riyalgo in the real world on Aizen's orders to seek out Ichigo. The pair leaves without killing him when Ulquiorra sees Ichigo's current strength as no threat to Aizen. He does, however, remark that he is concerned over Ichigo's growth potential, stating that if he should pose a threat, then he would kill Ichigo himself. He later kidnaps Orihime for Aizen, serving as her jailer and forcing her to remain alive for Aizen's use. When Ichigo leads his group to Las Noches, Ulquiorra confronts Ichigo and provokes him into fighting. He easily withstands and defeats Ichigo's hollow form, then leaves Ichigo for dead. Much later, after escaping imprisonment by the Espada Grimmjow's "Caja de Negación", Ulquiorra engages Ichigo in another battle before taking Orihime to Aizen. Entrusted to guard Las Noches while Aizen and his forces engage the Soul Reapers in the Fake Karakura Town, Ulquiorra engages Ichigo in a final battle that leads him to take their conflict above Las Noches to fight at his full power. However, thinking that he killed him, Ulquiorra unknowingly finds himself facing a semi-hollowified Ichigo with his internal organs heavily damaged. Mortally wounded, managing to get him back to normal, Ulquiorra asks Ichigo to finish him off before he dissolves and the battle between them remains unresolved. But Ichigo, not intending the fight to result in this manner refuses to. As he dies, Ulquiorra comes to understand the meaning of "heart" when an unafraid Orihime reaches out to him as his body dissolves into the wind.
Upon her arrival in the arrancar base in Hueco Mundo, Orihime is introduced to Sōsuke Aizen, a former Soul Reaper and current leader of the Arrancar. Aizen explains that he intends to use Orihime's "Shun Shun Rikka" to restore the , though she decides to use her powers to destroy the Orb instead. Before she can act on her plans, Ichigo and a group of others arrive in Hueco Mundo to save her. When Ichigo is defeated while facing Ulquiorra, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, wanting to battle Ichigo at full strength, frees Orihime from her confinements so that she can heal him. Ichigo battles with Grimmjow and ultimately claims victory. They are then attacked by Nnoitora Jiruga, but after Nnoitora's death at the hands of Kenpachi, Orihime is captured once again. Ichigo rushes to her location, and engages Ulquiorra in battle, but is once again defeated. During the aftermath, she screams for Ichigo to help, causing him to transform into a new hollow form that mortally hurts Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra starts to turn into ashes as he asks Orihime if she is afraid of him. Orihime, after saying that he is not frightening, tries to reach his hand but Ulquiorra finally disappears. As Ichigo returns to the world of the living, Orihime remains behind to heal an injured Uryū.
The visual appearances of the hollows in the anime and manga have also received notice from reviewers. The "Los Angeles Times" compared the early hollows to "the misshapen fossils of unsuccessful dinosaurs". Of the arrancar characters, Yammy is described as a "stereotypical, muscle-bound anime villain", while Ulquiorra is likened to "L from "Death Note", with a bone hat and some tear makeup".
This game has around 60 playable characters. Most of the cast from "" returns and the newcomers include Shinigami Retsu Unohana, Yumichika Ayasegawa, Kaien Shiba and Jidanbō, Visoreds Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki, and Arrancars Ulquiorra Schiffer, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, Yammy Riyalgo, as well as the Números. Sōjirō Kusaka, the antagonist of the movie "", is featured in the game.
In time, Aizen begins targeting Karakura Town with an army of Arrancars, Hollows that assumed human form with Soul Reaper powers, after subjecting them to the Hōgyoku. In order to defeat the Arrancars and to control his Hollow powers, Ichigo begins his training with the group of Soul Reaper outcasts known as the Vizard. During the Arrancar's attack on Karakura Town, Ichigo's friend Orihime Inoue has been abducted by Ulquiorra Cifer of the Aizen's strongest Arrancars: The Espadas. When the Soul Society refuses to help save Orihime, Ichigo and his friends go to Hueco Mundo to rescue her. In Hueco Mundo, after defeating the Espada Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Ichigo manages to save Orihime and defeat Ulquiorra.
Serving Sōsuke Aizen personally, Loly and Menoly were assigned to guard the room Orihime was placed in, the two expressing jealousy of his interest in Orihime. Taking advantage of her rescuers' distraction, Loly and Menoly use the moment to put Orihime in her place. However, when Orihime stood up to them, Loly took it personally and was about to kill her when Grimmjow arrived and mortally wounded Menoly while beating Loly to an inch of her life. However, Orihime used her power to heal the two with Loly's jealousy becoming fearful prejudice. Though Menoly was reluctant to go through with it once Aizen revealed the girl outlived her usefulness, Loli was bent on killing Orihime in the most tormenting way possible during Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra. However, the sudden arrival of Yammy, who is denied from teaming up with Ulquiorra, results in Menoly being knocked into a pillar. After being healed again by Orihime, deciding to fight Yammy so not to be feel obligated, Loly releases her "Zanpakutō" with the intent to kill him and Ulquiorra. However, Loly is defeated and thrown through the tower wall while being saved by one of Uryū's arrows.
When released, his "zanpakutō", creates two large black bat-like wings on his back. His hollow helmet is complete and sports two large horns, while his arrancar uniform appears more form-fitting at the top, becoming robe-like towards the bottom. His release gives him extremely high speed, with Ichigo Kurosaki, a character who uses super speed himself, being unable to keep up with Ulquiorra's attacks. On this form, Ulquiorra can create "lances" of spiritual energy which he uses for both long-ranged and melee attacks; he can also use a stronger "Cero" variety called ; Ulquiorra claimed that all Espadas can supposedly use it upon release, but he is the only one who ever used it. Additionally, Ulquiorra is unique among the Espadas in that he has a second release, . He becomes demonic and black-furred with clawed hands and feet, his sclera turn green, grows a long thin prehensile tail, and gains markings similar to blood flowing freely from his hollow hole. Ulquiorra's second release is said to be secret to everybody, even from Aizen. In this new form, his reiatsu lances develop flame-like tips, are dubbed as , and when thrown, explode upon impact; these detonations are immense enough to dwarf even the massive Las Noches, which is apparently bigger and much taller than a large city; this technique is the most destructive out of all the Espadas. While his second release makes his lances much more powerful, Ulquiorra notes that they also become difficult to control, as seen when he misses Ichigo with his first one.
The aspect of death Grimmjow represents is destruction, a trait he embodies through his savage combat style and violent lust for battle. Grimmjow is a skilled fighter, able to temporarily imprison the more powerful Ulquiorra in his "Caja de Negación" by exploiting surprise. When his "Zanpakutō" is released he gains the physical traits of a panther, with prominent jagged teeth, feline ears, clawed hands and feet, an armored hide, and a tail that can be used as a powerful whip. His released state augments his speed and power, allows him to fire destructive darts from his elbows, and protrude immense energy claws called that end at his fingertips. Grimmjow can use the most powerful "Cero "variety out of any Espada, the ; Grimmjow and Ulquiorra claim that all Espadas can use it, but only Grimmjow did in the original manga and anime. This "Cero "variant is banned in Las Noches because it might threaten to destroy the palace.
Back in Karakura Town, Uryū finds his father, Ryūken, who offers to restore his Quincy powers on the condition that Uryū never associate with Soul Reapers again. Uryū agrees and regains his powers, but soon discovers that Orihime has been captured by the Espada. He joins Ichigo and Chad in going to Hueco Mundo to rescue her. Upon meeting Rukia and Renji in Hueco Mundo, their group splits up upon arrival. Uryū defeats Cirucci Sanderwicci before meeting up with Renji to fight Szayelaporro Grantz. Just as they are about to be defeated, despite aid from Nel's Fracciónes, Mayuri indirectly comes to their aid. After his injuries are healed, Uryū holds Yammy at bay before protecting Orihime from Ulquiorra Shiffer during the Espada's fight with Ichigo. He tries to stop a nearly Hollowified Ichigo from mutilating the defeated Ulquiorra, and is attacked himself, but is saved by Ulquiorra, who dies shortly afterwards. He remained with Orihime for the duration of the final battle against Aizen.
As an albino hollow ostracized by other dark-colored hollows, Ulquiorra lived a life of loneliness as he lamented his existence before being found by Aizen and made an arrancar. As a member of the Espada whose aspect of death represents nothingness, Ulquiorra is emotionless with an inability to comprehend the meaning of "heart" and supports his firm belief that what his eye cannot see does not exist. Bent on completing tasks set to him by Sōsuke Aizen, Ulquiorra has no qualms about attacking his own allies if they impede his intent and deems anyone he finds not to be of particular interest to be "trash," and therefore expendable. The remainder of Ulquiorra's hollow mask, partially destroyed before his conversion, forms a broken helmet with a curved horn and covers the left half of his head. His hollow hole has moved since his first appearance; when first introduced it is at the base of his neck, but in later appearances, it is centered just below his collarbone.
is a newest installment in the "Heat the Soul" series released on September 2, 2010. The main change in this game is a 4-Players mode. Battles against giant characters have also been confirmed. New characters that have been announced are Allon (Ayon), Coyote Starrk (Los Lobos), Baraggan Luisenbarn (Arrogante), Tia Harribel (Tiburon), Yammy Riyalgo (Ira), Ulquiorra Cifer (Segunda Etapa), Ichigo Kurosaki (Full Hollow), Muramasa, Hachigen Ushoda, Love Aikawa and Shuren ("downloadable content"); in all, 84 characters are playable.
In both the 2nd and 3rd popularity polls, Ichimaru placed 5th. However, like Renji Abarai, he missed the top 10 of the most recent poll, being replaced with newer characters like Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and Ulquiorra Cifer. Gin was among the 4 "Bleach" characters to make the top 100 list in "Newtype" Japan's 2007 list of the most popular anime characters. Tite Kubo remarked in a 2004 "Shōnen Jump" character commentary that Gin's popularity, especially among women, was a great surprise to him, as he had attempted to make Gin creepy and offputting in appearance.
Soon after the Bount are dealt with, arrancar begin to invade Karakura Town. During a battle with the Espada Yammy, the attack component of Orihime's "Shun Shun Rikka" is destroyed, making her unable to help in the oncoming battles. After sitting on the sidelines for the second arrancar invasion, Orihime has Tsubaki restored by Hachigen Ushōda, and Orihime goes to Soul Society to train for the next attack. While traveling between the two realms, she is met by Ulquiorra Cifer, who threatens to kill Ichigo and her friends unless she agrees to go to Hueco Mundo. Orihime agrees and leaves to Hueco Mundo.
After Rukia is taken back to [[Bleach (manga)#Plot|Soul Society]], Chad and [[Orihime Inoue]] are trained by [[Yoruichi Shihouin]] to consciously call upon their powers when needed. After a week, Chad leaves for Soul Society with Orihime, Uryū, Yoruichi, and Ichigo. When the group is separated once entering "Seireitei", Chad ends up alone. Chad meets his match in [[Shunsui Kyōraku]], captain of the 8th Division in the [[Soul Reaper (Bleach)#Gotei 13|Gotei 13]]. Kyōraku easily beats Chad, leaving him heavily injured but alive. After being freed by [[Kenpachi Zaraki]] of the 11th Division and Rukia is rescued, Uryū, Chad, Ichigo and Orihime depart for the living world. In Karakura Town, Ichigo, Chad and Orihime are attacked by [[List of hollows in Bleach#Ulquiorra Cifer|Ulquiorra Schiffer]] and [[List of hollows in Bleach#Yammy Riyalgo|Yammy Riyalgo]], two of the first [[List of hollows in Bleach#Arrancar|arrancars]] to invade Karakura Town. When the second invasion led by the Espada [[List of hollows in Bleach#Grimmjow Jeagerjaques|Grimmjow Jeagerjaques]] commences, Chad is attacked by an arrancar but is saved by Ichigo. Noting that he is unable to fight alongside Ichigo, Chad turns to [[List of Bleach characters#Kisuke Urahara|Kisuke Urahara]] for help, asking for training.
Yammy is one of the first arrancars to be introduced, appearing alongside Ulquiorra when they arrive in the human world to find Ichigo Kurosaki. Soon after they arrive, Ichigo and his friends appear, and a battle occurs between them, in which Yammy loses an arm to Ichigo before they retreat. Later, an arrancar surgeon reattatched Yammy's arm and he accompanied Luppi, Grimmjow, and Wonderweiss to attack the Soul Reapers in the human world. He shortly loses to Kisuke before he and his allies fall back back to Hueco Mundo. There, he rests and eats as much as he could. He later arrives on Ichigo's battle with Ulquiorra and fights Uryu, who was protecting Orihime, and Yammy is eventually sent to the bottom of the palace by Uryu's anti-arrancar land mines. He later emerges on the aftermath of the battle against Rudbornn Chelute, accidentally smashing the subdued arrancar. Yammy enters "resurreccion" and defeats Rukia, Chad, and Renji, and then picks up Rukia, and contemplates on how he should kill her, because, simply crushing her would be too quick and unsatisfying for him. Ichigo saves Rukia and takes over the battle, which was shortly taken over by Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki so Ichigo, being the only Shinigami not affected by Aizen's Shikai, could fight and defeat him. When Kenpachi Zaraki managed to disable Yammy, he undergoes a second, much larger transformation. He is eventually defeated by the two Soul Reapers.
Of the hollow characters, the Espada character Grimmjow has garnered the most attention, with ActiveAnime describing him as "the most psycho of them all". Additionally, IGN commented that "it's very difficult to take a book seriously when one of its main characters is named "Grimmjow Jeager-Jacques" ["sic"] but damned if this book doesn't pull it off". In contrast, Anime News Network lamented that the first battle between Ichigo and Grimmjow was "a lumbering, inelegant mess". Grimmjow is also the most popular hollow character with readers of "Weekly Shōnen Jump", placing fourth in its fourth Bleach Popularity contest. Ulquiorra, another arrancar character, was voted into tenth place in the same poll, though he had also appeared in the previous poll in twentieth place.
In Hueco Mundo, Gin jokingly chides Aizen over his habit of playing around with his subordinates. When Ichigo's group breaks into Las Noches, he observes them, even altering the position of the halls when no one is around. When Ulquiorra Cifer catches him in the act, Gin denies changing anything, saying that he wouldn't do that to "those kids" and that he does not like "sad stories". He later appears alongside Aizen and Tosen in Karakura Town, commenting on Kira's sudden change in emotion to Tōsen and remarks that he is glad Kira is 'doing well'. After the arrival of the Vizards, Gin mortally wounds Hiyori Sarugaki when she gave into one of Aizen's taunts and battles Ichigo while Aizen deals with the remaining opposition. Easily overpowering Ichigo, Gin gives him several attempts to run while mocking his inability to defeat Aizen before accompanying his leader to the real Karakura Town.
Rudbornn carries out his duties for Szayelaporro by killing off two of the Privaron Espadas after they lose their respective fights. As he begins to do the same with the third he is stopped by Retsu Unohana. Surprised by the arrival of a Soul Reaper Captain, Rudbornn withdraws in order to avoid conflict. Later, he and his Calaveras attempt to prevent Ichigo Kurosaki from reaching Orihime Inoue and Ulquiorra Schiffer, only to find himself fighting Rukia Kuchiki. Though he overwhelmed her with the endless number of "calaveras" he produces in his released state, Rudbornn is subsequently defeated when the distraction by Yasutora Sado and Renji Abarai allowed Rukia to use her "shikai" to freeze him so his branches would wither. However, as Rubbornn is completely encased in ice, he is shattered with the punch of an enraged Yammy. His current fate is unknown but he is most likely dead.
Shortly after his creation, Wonderweiss is sent to the human world with the Espadas Grimmjow, Luppi, and Yammy to engage and distract the Soul Reapers while Ulquiorra captures Orihime. He later appears during Aizen's assault on Karakura Town leading a massive hollow called Hooler, impaling Jushiro Ukitake with his bare hands, and then freeing Halibel from Tōshirō Hitsugaya's ice prison with a sonic scream. Despite engaging Kensei in battle after eventually overwhelming Mashiro when she killed Hooler, Wonderweiss reappears to save Aizen from Yamamoto's suicide attempt and engages the Captain-Commander in a hand-to-hand battle. He is ultimately killed and shattered to pieces by Yamamoto's "Sōkotsu" technique; however, having sealed all "Ryūjin Jakka"'s flames into his body prior to their fight, Wonderweiss' corpse explodes and Yamamoto is forced to throw himself onto Wonderweiss' body to prevent the release of the absorbed flames from incinerating the entire town.