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annectans              leucorhynchus              loveridgei              nigricauda              robertsi              caspicus              curvipes              substriatus              picturata              fenestratus              rubriventris              thomasi              fumosus              cognatus              petersii              lirata              nielseni              aurulenta              psittacinus              peracca              lentipes              johnsoni              erichsoni              rubriceps              mjobergi              waterhousei              confinis              denticollis              connivens              namaquensis              velutinus              tricarinata              bogerti              rostratus              williamsoni              semirufus              leucopleura              inconstans              heinrichi              magdalenae              krugii              schmidti              sarawakensis              punctatissima              oblita              scobina              riparius              saussurei              lawrencei              bituberculatus             

Examples of "uluguruensis"
The Leptopelis uluguruensis or ruby-eyed tree frog, "Leptopelis uluguruensis", is a species of frog in the Arthroleptidae family endemic to Tanzania.
Probreviceps uluguruensis is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family.
The Uluguru blue-bellied frog (Hoplophryne uluguruensis) is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family.
The specific name "uluguruensis" refers to the type locality of this species, Vituri in the Uluguru Mountains.
Mycerinodes uluguruensis is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Breuning in 1975.
Scolecomorphus uluguruensis (common names: Uluguru black caecilian, Nyingwa caecilian), is a species of caecilian in the family Scolecomorphidae. It is endemic to the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania.
Nonyma uluguruensis is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Breuning in 1975. It is known from Tanzania.
Typhlops uluguruensis is a species of snake in the Typhlopidae family. This species is endemic to the Uluguru Mountains of eastern Tanzania.
Xyelodontophis is a genus of snake in the Colubridae family that contains the sole species Xyelodontophis uluguruensis. It is commonly known as the dagger-tooth vine snake.
Boulengerula uluguruensis or the Uluguru pink caecilian (or Uluguru African caecilian) is a species of amphibian in the Caeciliidae family. It is endemic to Tanzania where it is found in the Nguu, Nguru, and Uluguru Mountains.
Cyphocerastis uluguruensis, also known as Uluguru Mountain Grasshopper is a rare species of Grasshopper in the family Acrididae. The species is endemic to Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania, and is Critically endangered due to a decline of its habitat.
A number of other species ("K. matschiei", "K. multituberculata", "K. tavetana", "K. uluguruensis", and "K. vosseleri") have been mistakenly called by this species' name or classified as subspecies. In 2008, it was shown that they actually are their own distinct, different species. The true Fischer's chameleon is rare with a more restricted distribution than previously believed.
"Scolecomorphus uluguruensis" is a soil-dwelling species that occurs in montane forests at elevations of above sea level. Presumably, it can also live in secondary habitats such as small-holder agricultural areas. It is viviparous and does not need water bodies for reproduction.
Afrixalus uluguruensis is a species of frog in the family Hyperoliidae. Its common name is Uluguru banana frog. It is endemic to the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and known from the Kipengere Range (Livingstone Mountains), Mahenge, Udzungwa Scarp, Rubeho, North Uluguru, Nguru, Ukaguru, and Nguu Mountains.
The species has been recorded as locally abundant in the past, and it has also been collected in recent years. It probably suffers from habitat disturbance and conversion caused by deforestation and agricultural intensification, although it is not known whether these constitute significant threats. It occurs in the Uluguru Nature Reserve, but small-holder agriculture is encroaching on the reserve. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has reassessed "Scolecomorphus uluguruensis" as "Endangered" because it is known only from few locations and there is ongoing habitat loss.
The type of "Leptopelis barbouri" (common name: Barbour's forest treefrog) was in 2014 shown to be conspecific with "Leptopelis flavomaculatus", bringing the former into synonymy with the latter. Arthur Loveridge had considered "Leptopelis barbouri" to be synonym of "Leptopelis aubreyi", but in 1975 resurrected it as a valid species. However, in literature between 1975 and 2014, name "Leptopelis barbouri" has been used for altogether different species that is now known as "Leptopelis grandiceps", and which until 2014 was considered a synonym of "Leptopelis uluguruensis". In other words, even though "Leptopelis barbouri" is synonym of "Leptopelis flavomaculatus", pre-2014 literature on "Leptopelis barbouri" actually refers to "Leptopelis grandiceps".