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Examples of "ulver"
My Own Wolf: A New Approach to Ulver is a tribute album to the Norwegian band Ulver. It features twenty-six different artists from around the world covering material from almost every Ulver release, ranging from the demo "Vargnatt" up through the album "Blood Inside".
This is the discography for Norwegian avant-garde band Ulver.
Blood Inside is the sixth full-length studio album by Norwegian experimental collective Ulver. Produced by Ulver, together with Ronan Chris Murphy, the album was recorded and mixed in early 2004, and issued in June 2005 via Jester Records. The album see Ulver return to more classical arrangements and instrumentation.
ATGCLVLSSCAP is the twelfth studio album by Norwegian experimental collective Ulver. Written, performed and produced by Ulver, the album was released on January 22, 2016, via newly formed, London-based label House of Mythology.
Jørgensen was with Ulver from 1993 to 2000, and later as a session-guitarist.
The film's score was composed by the Norwegian experimental electronic group Ulver.
The band broke up shortly after. Guitarist Shagrath joined Dimmu Borgir and bassist Skoll joined Ulver.
The relationship between Ulver and Sunn O))) extends to the mid-1990s, when Stephen O'Malley interviewed Kristoffer Rygg for various magazines. Ulver produced a track on Sunn O)))'s "White1" and O'Malley played with Rygg and Daniel O'Sullivan, also of Ulver, in the ambient/noise band, Aethenor. Sunn O))) was invited to perform at the Øya festival in Oslo, at which time Rygg proposed that the band remain in the country for several additional days in order to collaborate. The bands created "the foundations for a bunch of tracks" at Ulver's studio, Crystal Canyon, and then Ulver prepared the preliminary arrangements and mix. The bands collaborated on the production, which, as O'Malley explained,
The soundtrack, "Lyckantropen Themes", was composed by Norwegian avant-garde electronica / black metal band Ulver.
He has been a live member of Sunn O))) and joined cult Norwegian band Ulver in 2010, as announced by the band on the official Ulver website, "Lastly we would like to welcome Daniel O'Sullivan into the pack. We all know that God exists as three persons, but now is the dawn of the triangular pyramid." O'Sullivan has been performing live with Ulver since the band's first performance in fifteen years at the Norwegian Festival of Literature 2009 in Lillehammer.
Mantronik, Low, Frank Chickens, Sky Crys Mary, DJ Food, Ekko, Mich Gerber, Skinny Puppy, Ulver, Thread, Fujiya & Miyagi, :papercutz
Sverd has also been a guest on a few releases by prominent Norwegian black metal bands, Ulver and Satyricon.
Ulver have announced an Australian exclusive performance at the Dark MOFO festival, 8 to 21 June 2017, in Hobart, Australia.
In 2012, Norwegian band Ulver covered the song "66-5-4-3-2-1" for their covers album "Childhood's End".
Aalefjær has also been involved in studio album "Blood Inside" to the Norwegian band Ulver in 2005.
Ulver were the first band outside the established Norwegian music scene to be invited to play at the Opera House.
Acclaim from the artistic community includes controversial director of films "Kids" and "Gummo", Harmony Korine, recently commented, alluding to "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell": "There's a real lineage from a composer like Wagner to a band like Ulver." Author and musician Julian Cope has said, "Ulver are cataloguing the death of our culture two decades before anyone else has noticed its inevitable demise."
1993–2003: 1st Decade in the Machines is a remix album commissioned by Ulver, issued on April 29, 2003 via Jester Records. The album celebrates Ulver's ten year anniversary and features remixes by Ulver, Alexander Rishaug, Information, The Third Eye Foundation, Upland, Bogdan, Raczynski, Martin Horntveth, Neotropic, A. Wiltzie vs. Stars Of The Lid, Fennesz, Pita, Jazzkammer, V/Vm and Merzbow.
Live At Roadburn (subtitled Eulogy For The Late Sixties) is a live album by Norwegian experimental collective Ulver. Produced by Ulver, the album was recorded at the Roadburn Festival, held at 013, Tilburg, in the Netherlands on April 12, 2012, and issued in April 2013 via Roadburn Records.
Messe I.X-VI.X is the tenth studio album by the Norwegian experimental collective Ulver and the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra with additional aid from composer Martin Romberg. Written and produced by Ulver, released on October 8, 2013, via Jester Records and Kscope. The album has been described as a "peace mass for Lebanon".