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rêver              était              revient              amour_est              avais              rien_que              pour_toi              si_étais              quand_tu              ce_soir              mon_cœur              un_rêve              veux              mieux              déjà              peut_être              pour_vous              étais              il_faut              tes_yeux              je_te              un_enfant              un_peu              ma_fille              regarde              que_je              fois              des_jours              faisons              et_puis              comme_un              vient              rien_qu              dis_moi              quelque_chose              mon_coeur              mourir              je_suis              joue              toujours              fais_moi              une_chanson              le_jour              comme              regarder              quelqu_un              au_ciel              maintenant              faut_pas              il_était             

Examples of "un_jour"
The official Expo 67 theme song was composed by Stéphane Venne and was titled: "Hey Friend, Say Friend/Un Jour, Un Jour".
In January 2007, he started hosting the show "Un jour / une heure" ("One day / one hour", now called "Un jour / un destin" - "One day / one destiny"), broadcast every Sunday evening.
Un jour mon prince! is a 2016 French-Canadian comedy film directed by Flavia Coste.
The track "Si Un Jour" was used during the end credits for the Netflix series Lovesick.
Lassus's "Missa Susanne un Jour" is a mass setting on the theme of the song tune.
"Un jour dans notre vie", their sixth studio album, was released in 1993. It proved unsuccessful, both commercially and critically.
It was succeeded as French representative at the 1969 Contest by Frida Boccara with "Un jour, un enfant".
Radio France's "Un Jour Sur La Toile" named Wolfgang's Vault their #1 website of the year 2008.
She also presents "Un jour, une Photo" and "Deux, trois jours avec moi" on the French TV channel Paris Première, in partnership with Paris Match. "Un jour, une photo" features stories behind iconic and historic photos. "Deux, trois jours avec moi" is a weekly travel programme in which an invited guest reveals more about him or herself during a trip.
In 1989, third single "Un an un jour une heure" but disbanded after three years of activity, else band members pursuing solo careers.
He still hosts his own show, "Un jour / un destin", the authoritative French news documentary series profiling key figures who have made a lasting impression on the public.
Some of his memorable songs include "L'amour, il faut être deux"(1972), "La robe verte"(1973), "Le professeur est un rêveur" (1974), "L'Amitié" (1975) and "Un jour lointain".
"Rome wasn't built in a day" is an adage attesting to the need for time to create great things. It is the usual English translation of a medieval French phrase, «"Rome ne fu[t] pas faite toute en un jour"», from the collection "Li Proverbe au Vilain" (published around 1190; reprinted here). The modern French form is «"Rome ne s'est pas faite en un jour."»
"Jeremiah" has been translated into several languages, and has a large fan base in Europe. Tome #25, "Et si un jour la Terre", was nominated for the 2005 Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize Awarded by the Audience.
His operas include "Les infidèles" (1823, Paris), "Le Vampire ou L'Homme du néant" (1826, Ghent), "Apothéose de Talma" (1826, Ghent), and the comic opera "Un jour à Vaucluse ou Le Poète ambassadeur" (1830, Ghent).
It was the joint winner with three other entries: Salomé singing "Vivo cantando" for Spain, Lenny Kuhr singing "De troubadour" for the Netherlands, and Frida Boccara singing "Un jour, un enfant" for France.
At the beginning of the episode, the four coaches sang "Relax, Take It Easy" from Mika, "Tourner ma page" from Jenifer, "Et un jour une femme" from Florent Pagny, and "Seul" from Garou.
She and her family left Iraq during the Gulf War, in February 1991, when she was only 14. She is author of "Un jour j'ai quitté Bagdad", which is about her escape from Iraq, it was released in April 2003.
One of the most famous of Lassus's drinking songs was used by Shakespeare in Henry IV, Part II. English words are fitted to "Un jour vis un foulon qui fouloit" (as "Monsieur Mingo") and sung by the drunken Justice Silence, in Act V, Scene iii.
"Ma philosophie" is a 2004 song recorded by Amel Bent as her debut single, from her album "Un Jour d'été". It was released on 29 November 2004 in France, and remains the singer's most successful song, topping the charts in France and Belgium (Wallonia).