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ce_était_qu              un_jour              pleure              faut_pas              rêver              amour_est              dans_la_nuit              maintenant              pour_toi              rien_que              du_bonheur              amoureuse              ma_fille              mon_cœur              si_étais              une_autre              un_enfant              des_jours              au_paradis              chantent              dis_moi              rêves              du_rêve              rêve              revient              homme_qui              mon_ami              si_était              pour_vous              jusqu_au_bout              faisons              une_chanson              et_puis              rien_qu              je_vous_aime              au_ciel              avais              il_faut              le_jour              une_étoile              les_yeux              des_mots              regarde              pleurer              veux              avec_moi              quelqu_un              envers              avec_toi              une_nuit             

Examples of "un_rêve"
Un Rêve d’indépendance is a 1998 documentary film by Monique Mbeka Phoba.
"Comme Dans Un Rêve" from the album was featured in the Fall/Winter 2008/9 Haute Couture Fashion Show for Chanel.
In the French version of the film, the song was titled "Un rêve est un souhait qui vient de ton cœur" (Literally, "A dream is a wish that comes from your heart").
In her 1998 film "Un rêve d'indépendance" she portrays 35 years of independence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This documentary received the "Images of Women" award at the Vues d'Afrique Festival in Montreal in April 2000.
A German-language version "A Blonde Dream" and a French-language version ("Un rêve blond") were filmed at the same time. The film was shot in Berlin using principally British actors. The film's sets were designed by the art director Erich Kettelhut.
Hubert Haddad is a Tunisian poet, playwright, short story writer and novelist. He was born in Tunis in 1947. His debut collection of poems "Le Charnier déductif" appeared in 1967, and his first novel "Un rêve de glace" was published in 1974. Since then he has published numerous works in a wide range of literary forms.
After the death of his mother in 1980, Kamenetz turned from poetry to the autobiographical essay in "Terra Infirma" (University of Arkansas, 1985) and reprinted by Schocken Books in 1999. The book is structured as the interpretation of a single dream of his late mother, which Kamenetz modeled on Michel Butor's "Histoire extraordinaire: essai sur un rêve de Baudelaire" (1961).
In 1971 she joined the Anne Béranger dance company and in 1972 she presented "Rituel pour un rêve mort" at the Avignon Festival. Successively she was invited to join the London School of Contemporary Dance as an instructor, performer and choreographer.
She then made a series of documentaries about Africa including "Rentrer?" (1993, 52 minutes), "Deux petits tours et puis s'en vont" (1997) about the presidential elections in Benin, "Un rêve d'indépendance" (1998, 53 minutes) about her own grandfather under Belgian colonization and "Sorcière, la vie" (A Bewitched Life) (2004, 52 minutes).
In Après un rêve (originally published in 1878), a dream of romantic flight with a lover, away from the earth, and "towards the light" is described. However, on waking to the truth the dreamer longs to return to the "mysterious night" and the ecstatic falsehood of his dream. The text of the poem is an anonymous Italian poem freely adapted into French by Romain Bussine.
In April 2005, director Charles Gervais heard of the news that Hugo Chávez decided to distribute one million free copies of major 17th century Spanish novel "Don Quixote de la Mancha" to Venezuelan citizens. This gave him the inspiration to fly to Venezuela and examine from within this "revolution" in the making. Also, after filming the medium-length documentary "Quand la vie est un rêve" on the Haitian youth, Gervais wished to focus on something more positive.
Concert performances include Nocturne in C Sharp Minor by Frédéric Chopin, Après un rêve by Gabriel Fauré in St George's Cathedral, Southwark; Model in Disney Fashion show along with Selena Gomez as part of Wizards of Waverly Place clothing range launch; Acoustic covers of many popular Soul, R&B and Pop songs in Croydon Fairfields Hall; Singing in Olympic Gala Concert with National Youth Choir of Great Britain in Royal Albert Hall. Nair's music videos are regularly featured in Carnegie Hall Music Exchange.
Meanwhile, Jean de Penhoël brought Marthe back to the Manor. The latter is almost dying after enduring so much pain and she wakes up hearing the "Beauties of the Night" song. Seeing her daughters and Louis, who came back to the Manor, she prays: "My God! [...] if it is a dream again, make me never wake up!" (« "Mon Dieu! [...] si c’est encore un rêve, faites que je ne m’éveille jamais !" »).
After being forced to flee the riots in June 2004 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Axelle campaigned in July of that year in Niger with UNICEF against female circumcision and child marriages. ‘French Soul’, a first ‘Best Of’ was released with two previously unreleased songs ‘I Have A Dream’ and ‘J'ai Fait Un Rêve’, an homage to Martin Luther King. Axelle directed the two videos herself. Pregnant from a third daughter, Billie, she ended the year with a lightning visit to Sri Lanka with UNICEF emergency aid for the people who had been hit so badly by the tsunami.
Trois mélodies is a set of mélodies for solo voice and piano, by Gabriel Fauré. It is composed of "Après un rêve" (Op. 7, No. 1), one of Faure's most popular vocal pieces, "Hymne" (Op. 7, No. 2), and "Barcarolle" (Op. 7, No. 3). The songs were written between 1870 and 1877, and published in 1878. They were not, however, originally conceived together as a set of three; the opus number 7 was imposed on them retrospectively in the 1890s, almost 20 years after their first publications.
Gabriel Fauré set one of his poems as "Après un rêve" ("After A Dream"), op. 7, No. 1 (composed in 1877, published in 1878). The poem, based on an Italian poem titled "Levati sol che la luna è levata," is a soliloquy about a rapturous dream of a passionate encounter to which the dreamer longs to return, even though the dream is a lie. Another setting by Fauré of a poem by Bussine is "Sérénade Toscane"; the poem is a fairly free version of a slightly sardonic Tuscan serenade.
She grew up in France in the artistic and film-making milieu of her mother, and married Laurent Condominas, a model and photographer. A daughter, Bloum, was born to them in 1971 in Bali, Indonesia. Laurent was linked to the 'Zanzibar Films' group of avante garde French film-makers, known as the "Dandies of May 1968" financed by Sylvina Boissonnas, 1968-70. He appeared in Patrick Deval's film Acéphale. Apart from Bresson's film she also appeared in her mother's film "Un rêve plus long que la nuit", 1976.
A petition for the resignation of Metraux circulated amongst concertgoers at the show and eventually equaled 184 signatures. At the concert, a man appearing to be Pearce took the stage and revealed himself to be Rice. Rice performed an altered rendition of Death in June's "C'est un rêve" to commemorate the event. This rendition of the song was later credited to "NON & Freunde", and was released on the "Der Tod im Juni" compilation. After the concert, a website was created by Swiss fans featuring photographs recording the event. Pearce later recorded a song about the situation on "Operation Hummingbird" in 1998.
Habbestad’s most central works to date includes the oratory "Ei natt på jorda" and the operas "Hans Egedes natt" as well as "The Maid of Norway", both featuring librettos by Paal-Helge Haugen. Other key works include the string quartet "Quattro Stazioni", the major piano work "Hammerklavie'r", "Munchsuite" – concerto for flute and strings, "Ave Maria" – concerto for organ and strings, "Etwas neues unter der Sonnen" – concerto for Hardanger Fiddle and symphonic band, "Un rêve Norvégien" – concerto for saxophone and symphonic band, the organ work "Introduction & Passacaglia" – based on two themes by Fartein Valen and "14 Ibsensanger" for baritone and piano.
In 1967 he won the Larousse-Hachette Prize thanks to an eighteen-page essay devoted to Victor Hugo. In 1968, he spent a year in Paris, and on his return became a scriptwriter at the Montreal radio station CKLM while resuming his position of chronicler. Also in 1968, he published his first novel "Mémoires d'outre-tonneau"'. This would be the first of a long run: "Race de monde" (1969) — "La nuite de Malcomm Hudd" (1969) — "Jos Connaissant" (1970) — "Les Grands Pères" (1971) — "Un rêve québécois" (1972) — "Oh Miami Miami Miami" (1973) — "Don Quichotte de la démanche" (1974).