Synonyms for unaided or Related words with unaided

imperceptible              invisible              naked              perceivable              indiscernible              unperceivable              unnoticeable              observer              perceptible              dropscompound              visibly              rendermake              emmetrope              amblyopic              unrecognizable              unimpaired              onlooker              eye              emetropic              ametropic              untrained              emmetropic              emmotropic              theunaided              monocularly              vitrectomized              nearsighted              eyes              discernible              discernable              stereoscopically              eyesight              eyethat              emotropic              clouded              observable              legible              odorviscosity              sighted              cyclopic              examinee              observers              unobservable              farsighted              ammetropia              cooximeter              perceiving              eyeball              faintly              sightless             

Examples of "unaided"
Mother Arts & Science College (unaided-Recoganised by University of Calicut)
It is a recognized unaided Christian Minority Institution founded in the year 1974.
M.L.N. College has 25 departments for various subjects. MLN College offers following unaided degree programs:
There are others Aided and Unaided College which fall in Bighapur Block -
Alone and unaided, charged a body of 15 insurgents, dislodging them, killing 4 and wounding several.
Eggs can be seen with the unaided eye, as clusters of reddish-orange.
The weaknesses of pure machine translation, unaided by human expertise, are those of artificial intelligence itself.
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) recognized it as an unaided high school in 1965.
Scott Dixon's unaided lap during testing already unofficially broke the IRL's qualifying record.
The star's apparent magnitude is 13.4, meaning that it cannot be seen with the unaided eye.
The aim is to improve current unaided vision or vision with current glasses.
This is one of ten unaided colleges which started pharmacy from academic session 2007-08.
HIP 13044 has an apparent magnitude of 9.94 and cannot be seen with the unaided eye.
Schools for younger students include New English School (unaided) and S F S Kodani.
With an apparent magnitude of 12.9, WASP-44 cannot be seen with the unaided eye from Earth.
Since 1985, the village has witnessed the establishment of a few unaided English-medium lower primary schools too.
Bangalore University lists 70 government colleges, 52 aided colleges and 11 unaided colleges. Notable affiliated colleges include:
WASP-13 has an apparent magnitude of 10.42, making it invisible to the unaided eye as seen from Earth.
The school was started by Indian Railways as a primary school, under an unaided programme of the government of Kerala.
2. NATA scores are used by admissions authorities of different Government, Govt. Aided & Unaided schools / colleges of Architecture.