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"Le loup, la biche et le chevalier (Une chanson douce)" (Miracle, 2004)
It was succeeded as Monegasque representative at the 1975 Contest by Sophie with "Une chanson c'est une lettre".
In March 1998, "Glee" was released internationally albeit some changes: "Ceci n'est pas une chanson" became an instrumental simply called "Une chanson"; the French song, "Forest", was reworked with several English verses. The international version has 19 tracks. Previously unreleased songs are "Rainshine", "Carry On" and "Old School".
In 2008 BLOU produced the first tribute album honoring an Acadian singer-songwriter. J’ai trouvé dans une chanson was highly acclaimed by critics.
In the 1970s Charles Dumont started a career as interpreter with songs such as "Une chanson" (1976) and "Les amours impossibles" (1978), which received awards.
The song was performed 13th on 22 March, following Israel's Shlomo Artzi with "At Va'Ani" and preceding Monaco's Sophie Hecquet with "Une chanson c'est une lettre". She received 3 points, placing 19th in a field of 19.
Melodrama Habibi (Arabic:ميلودراما حبيبي, French: Une chanson dans la tête), the first feature film by Lebanese director Hany Tamba, is a 2008 Lebanese film. The film is set to be released on August 13, 2008 in France and Belgium.
"Une chanson c'est une lettre" (English translation: "A Song is a Letter") was the Monegasque representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 1975, performed in French by French singer Sophie.
In 2008 BLOU was the producer of the first tribute CD to an Acadian artist. The album « J’ai trouvé dans une chanson » received extraordinaire reviews. The album received the Nova Scotia Music Award 2009 for « Francophone recording of the year ».
In 2009 BLOU received the Francophone Album of the Year award at the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) for the CD J’ai trouvé dans une chanson. Increasingly recognized in the United States, BLOU has done several tours in the U.S. BLOU was also invited to present his music in Saudi Arabia. This is a first for a French-speaking artist from Nova Scotia.
"Canada" (also known as "Ca-na-da" or "The Centennial Song", French version "Une chanson du centenaire") was written by Bobby Gimby in 1967 to celebrate Canada's centennial and Expo 67, and was commissioned by the "Centennial Commission" (a special Federal Government agency). The song was written in both of Canada's official languages, English and French.
"Une chanson c'est une lettre" was performed fourteenth on the night, following Turkey's Semiha Yanki with "Seninle Bir Dakika" and preceding Finland's Pihasoittajat with "Old Man Fiddle". At the close of voting, it had received 22 points, placing 13th in a field of 19.
The track Espérame en el Cielo was used by Pedro Almodóvar in the film Matador in 1986. The track titled No is a cover of an Italian song by Armando Manzanero. Mina has also recorded the tracks Una canzone and Quando l'amore ti tocca in French under the titles Une chanson and Quand l'amour, respectively.
Bernhard Cossmann, author of many original works and of diverse “Phantasien” on motifs from operas (such as Freischutz, Euryanthe, etc.) as well as on well-known pieces (also for solo cello such as “Paraphrase sur une chanson populaire allemande Ach, wie ist’s möglich dann. Thüringen Volkslied”), had formerly dedicated his Fünf Neue Concert Etuden to Heinrich Kiefer.
Among tracks on the album are cover versions of John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy", Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World", Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", Johannes Brahms's "Brahms' Lullaby", Nancy Wilson's "If I Could", Henri Salvador's "Le loup, la biche et le chevalier (une chanson douce)", and Carol Welsman's "Baby Close Your Eyes".
In anticipation of their debut album, in June 2014 Paradis released a first single entitled "Garde Le Pour Toi" via Universal label Riviera/Barclay. The song is a merge of French pop and soft house vibes with a touch of French vocals. The second single release entitled "Sur Une Chanson En Français" was released in November.
Anna Marly also wrote "A Song in Triple Time" ("Une chanson à trois temps") for Édith Piaf and "La complainte du partisan" (known as "The Partisan"). In the United States, "The Partisan" gained popularity when Leonard Cohen released it in 1969 and Joan Baez in 1972.
The song was performed fifteenth on the night (following Monaco's Sophie with "Une chanson c'est une lettre" and preceding Portugal's Duarte Mendes with "Madrugada"). At the close of voting, it had received 74 points, placing 7th in a field of 19.
"Une chanson c'est une lettre" was composed by André Popp, who previously had written Vicky Leandros' 1967 entry "L'amour est bleu", which only finished 4th in the Contest but still went on to become a worldwide hit when covered by French band leader Paul Mauriat.
Bran Van 3000 finally released their first single, "Drinking in L.A.", in February 1997 in Canada. In April of the same year, the band released their first album, called "Glee". The record went gold in 1998 and won a Juno Award for best alternative album. It contained 17 tracks, one of them entirely in French called "Forest" featuring Jean Leloup. "Afrodiziak", produced by E.P. Bergen sold 100 000 copies in Germany with EMI and appeared in the movie XChange. The song "Everywhere" was featured on the soundtrack to the film "Practical Magic" and "Drinking in L.A." was featured in the soundtrack to "Playing by Heart". "Ceci n'est pas une chanson" (later "Une chanson") contains the main melody of "Perfect" song from The The.